Today, we can use Google User to translate translations in real time; And Romàinia has a list of supported languages

This is a very interesting feature Google which is already being exhibited at the CES technology market as an interpreter Google Customizer allows real-time translation for conversations in different languages. Today, the feature is officially distributed to the public and is available to all speakers Google Hometo all speakers Smart Exhibition and on some speakers with Google Helpers aboard.

The list includes 26 languages ​​(full list here) a & # 39; including the Roman language and to begin the interpretation process we need to speak the voice command "turn on interpreter mode". Then the conversation can start and the two parties who speak English will translate real-time languages ​​from one language to another language and again.

At CES, TheVerge has made a display curtain for Google Assistant, and as we can see, the process is more challenging, so it will take a few minutes to complete translation. Despite this, the interpretive method can be helpful in the most recent situations and we expect it to reach smart phones too.

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