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What Catalin Măruţă has ever said about and Andra. "You're not feeling right now"

Invite Daniele Savuica's presentation, "OK! To become a star?", The TV producer Cătălin Măruţă gave information he did not know about and his friend of life, the famous Andra.

"And Andra left and left me from 0. One person left Turza Plain with her father to succeed in music, and that her dreams become a artist. And he worked hard for that, and when you work hard for what you get, you do not feel it's right. Everything is normal.

I left Târgu Jiu, I came to college in Bucharest, I made radio, I wanted television, I worked a lot. And Andra and I work hard to get in here. And then, it does not seem to be a star more. That's keeping us tight ", named Cătălin Măruţă, according to

The TV regulator suggested that he would like to spend more time with his wife and two children, David and Eve.

"He often meant to go to 7m, his / her pictures, to the display, and post to another haul. Indeed I want to stay with their children and I'm happy every time that I'm the ones they bring to school and nursery in the morning, and Andra is the one who takes them .

I like this very good thing. My lot is just with them in the car. At a moment we talk differently. First of all, we will leave David at school, and then we'll take Eve to her; nursery children. I have twenty minutes in which I'm just Eve and it's okay, in the way that Eva is hanging on Andra and what's just what Andra's ", explained Cătălin Măruţă.

Andra and Catalin Măruţă are one of the most starred stars at the Roman showbiz. They married in 2008. There are two children together with Andra and Catalin Măruţă: David and Eva. Andra and Catalin Măruţă met in 2005, and three years later they formally formed their relationship. The religious ritual was held on August 23, 2008 in Târgu-Jiu, the wedding home, and the marriage as a story. Cătălin Măruţă and Andra served the civil service on 10 August the same year in the Town Hall of Bucharest in 3, which was not Dana and Cornel Ciocan. The two parents at her & her; couple Arpad Paszkany, who was a supporter of CFR Cluj and his companion of life Ana Maria.

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