What is the zodiac you are in India and what your properties are

Mihai Voropchievici explained to each stripe in the European perspective what is the zodiac that responds to the Indian Horoscope. Also for each zodiac, he also gave a description in the "Hidden Truths" show from Antena 3.

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Aries in the Indian stioke: new work?

All zodiac in the horoscope of Europe responds to three others in the Indian. So, Toporisca (21.03-31.03) has every opportunity to start a new relationship relationship, the Horse (1.04-10.04) looks and even does; Getting opportunities to find a new job, and Birjarul (11.04-20.04) looks very hard at financial crisis.

Taurus makes strong decisions

The person born under the Fire Brigade (21.04-30.04) will have something to do with financially in April and May, Capra (1.05-10.05) will be a & # 39; make strong family decisions, and Elephant (11.05-20.05) will focus more on re-establishing broken relationships such as crystal shards.

Love for Moments

The game corresponds to three Indian signage, as follows: Flint (21.05-31.05), Phoenix Bird (1.06-10.06) and Diamond (11.06-20.06). The thread that will be resolved later in spring will have dreadful problems, the Phoenix will discover her beautiful friends around, and the diamond will travel very much.

Cancer is coming again

The baddies that correspond to Cancer: The Worm (21.06-20.06), the snake (1.07-10.07) and the Testoasa (11.07-21.07). The worm is rewritten and every chance is that it is a previous person. The snake will pack his pockets in April, and Testoasa has several friendly challenges.

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