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WhatsApp. The world's biggest message for message today is part of a series of exciting changes that will bring different and better consumer experiences. More specifically, a new feature confronted in WhatsApp provides users with the opportunity to view video clips through a Picture-Picture system, but not just within the application, but even outside of it, that's no other message that doesn't allow it right now.

WhatsApp. Now, users of the application can watch videos using this feature, except within the application, but there will be a big difference when they leave the application. The photo below shows how this super-browser feature is for WhatsApp, which is currently being tested for Android phones, and it doesn't seem that the iPhone will appear as an iOS donated by phone. .

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WhatsApp. This feature would only be available for display of shared videos through YouTube, Instagram, Streamable, which is logged for that system now. It is difficult to say that WhatsApp allows you to play video clips which have been sent to others via the platform, so we'll see what the American company does when this new feature arrives in public.

WhatsApp Voice Messages Division

WhatsApp. More than that, the request will be installed on Android, including a feature that allows automated listening to listen and as a result of the message we've received through the platform. More specifically, if we have received a number of voicemail messages, the game can be played later by itself, without the user doing something, this feature will often simplify the use of the app. that is, what a user wants.

WhatsApp. The two features are currently tested in beta for users with Android phones, so we don't yet know when they will be available in public.

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