Monday , November 18 2019



WhatsApp. The largest message message on the planet will be & # 39; going through a very important change in the future is not long, with Facebook saying that they are ready for that change that nobody does not want too. Mark Zuckerberg has published an open letter explaining its perspective on what company should be offered to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram, and not just what you want.

WhatsApp. These three platforms will be combined with Facebook, with shared data, such as the company has promised to never do it, but that's the same. means that the duty has changed. Facebook is calling on people who use WhatsApp to speak from the application with those with Facebook Messenger or Instagram, and this will be done. It's going to make a lot of discouragement among those who do not know how the system works.

WhatsApp. Facebook Plan for DISTRUGE Application

WhatsApp. In order to offer this responsibility, Facebook must take information from the message platform to interconnect with Facebook Messenger and Instagram, and will also be used to display advertising. Facebook has not yet been legally accepted for over 1.5 billion people to be taken over in WhatsApp, but with this initiative they will eventually be able to punish the authorities for their a & # 39; do.

In recent years I'm expecting future versions of Messenger and WhatsApp as key ways of getting people going. communication on a Facebook network. We focus on making both of these apps faster, simplified, more private and secure, and, including encryption end to end. Then we expect more ways to interact in private with your friends, organizations, and businesses. If this change succeeds, interaction with your friends and family across the Facebook network will become a more private basic knowledge.

WhatsApp. Mark Zuckerberg's vision will not be implemented all night, but it will take a long time for everything to be offered to users, and so maybe in a year that he has set for us. WhatsApp has changed so far, which includes a dark mode, and ads in the "Status" section, and we have lots of news to use it.

WhatsApp. At this time, the world's most popular messenger platform, with over 1.5 billion users, is almost even more than Facebook.

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