Romina Manguel said she was harassed by a Respondent of Loose Animals


The journalist refused to give the accused's name and said that his companion, Tato Young, had to go with her all the time

The subject of the day was; there.
Thelma Fardin made a legal case to Juan Darthés in which he says he has been erased when he was only 16 years old. As it usually happens, there
Wild animals They examined topics of the day and stopped their complaint. In this context, one of the journalists created a & # 39; unexpected star round.

"Victims tell us where we are capable, I'm a big woman, I'm 45 years old and I have two daughters, with friends who are with me, women who is actively involved, I do not want to tell me what happened. This table, "Romina Manguel started.

"A guest has come here that has been harassed regularly, and Tato Young, who is not here but I want to be known to, and stay beside me because He did not know the situation, he was with me from the moment we went to the place until I got a taxi, "he kept on his story.

The cycling driver,

Alejandro Fantino

, surprised by his words. "Yes. It was at that table," said Manguel. "When I saw it, I have had a relationship with Tato for many years and so I told him what happened and I showed my messages from this person on his / her; phone-cell and not Tato left me the second one, "continued the journalist.

"We left, this person followed me, clearly because Tato was seeing him, he gave me a donkey and Tato told him that he had already asked for a taxi, I went up and went to my house, "he said.

"People who know it is familiar, I tell them not to meet them again," he said later. Fantino, then, wanted to find out if the defendant had returned to her program. "No. I'm not sorry to say who it is," replied Manguel.

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