Ronaldo can not do this. Speakers of Slovakia say to Vlad Weiss


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The early view of Vladimir Weiss from the hill looks unlikely. opposing Catarist Al Gharafah's attack. What is Ladislav Jurkemik, Dušan Galis, no Stanislav Griga thinking about?

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Vladimir Weiss was responsible for reconfiguration through the Monday game with the Czech Republic. When the Pavel Hapal coach took the last place in the 89th minute and we did not send it to her. garden left the 28th anniversary of the mountain and went off the stadium.

Ladislav Jurkemik: It was illegal

Ladislav Jurkemik recognizes Pavel Hapal's response, telling the storytellers after her; meeting that Weiss did not take her away. "The trainer focuses on his activity, not on what's going on his back," he said.

"In any case, the producer is illegal and can not pay anything. This is just done by a player who does not accept his teams. If he does not have a & # 39; a garden, but his team – he should be with him in a friendly relationship. Producers will spend time and focus and now they can not be angry that the coach decide to go elsewhere. Players do not have to be included, but we will accept it. They also need to accept that their coach has a view and is to take it to the meeting, " she thinks.

Jurkemik, who worked in the national team from January 2002 to the end of 2003, said his own experience that he had not received such a problem. A & # 39; recent interview for Š but he reminded him that Gresk, Miro Karhan and Patrick Hlinka were in the attack at his time, after criticism.

"I did not even find what Stoch did with Jan Kozáka: he refused to get in the last minutes of the game when he put his coach on his park. Tore such players out of And set them down after their game. Ronaldo will not allow him, because his coach also needs to be respected. Pavel Hapal was a great football player and He did a lot in football, " he said.

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Although the Schoaced people lost in Prague, Jurkemik did not make much effort compared to measuring forces in Trnava.

"It's really happy after the 4: 1 win over Ukraine. I thought this was the new time in the producer. But the players probably thought they could a game with the Ukrainians. Against the Czechs they did not re-show this exhibition, it's not a good business card. Once they win it, they play once, and do not give jokes to the fans and throw them to the stadiums. "

"The first 20 minutes in Prague was very good. But, with some good effort to move the ball, the team did not go away. Then there was a turn, and after a while, 39; we can help with Chechen attack. We read well. There was a lot more lost in the impact and so he won, "Jurkemik decided.

Dušan Galis expects to be justified

It has a similar situation as it has been a Dušan Galis coach. In the 2008 European Championship home competitors against the Czech Republic (0: 3) it was replaced after filming by Filip Šeba. Glasgow Rangers did not set their fingers. You did not even enjoy SFZ when it was decorated in civil clothing instead of being able to; giving motto and autographs at his fence.

After that, Galis asked the young man to explain it and he did not name it for her & her; Germany. "Well, there are some such players. It affects them when they do not play. I remember that even in the media," says a coach working for the national team from January 2004 to October 2006.

Vladimir Weiss arrives at Airport M. R. Štefánik in Bratislava.

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Vladimir Weiss arrives at Airport M. R. Štefánik in Bratislava.

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Harassing on Monday, Galis argues that he is in the debate about Paul Hapal: "It was not clear why the person left himself. But he does not change that he should stay on the berry. He did what he did, and so he would have to do it It is in one place with boys and talk to each other. When working, so all the Falcons are when they fail, are not we?It should make a statement and explain everything. He is. For He is the Earth's representative, because of the living people, " Dusan Galis spoke.

"I also believe that he should be a representative in Europe, not in Qatar," he said.

Stanislav Griga talks about large eagles and big recordings

Stanislav Griga says that it is a case that he does not want to put his head in the sand and make sure nothing happens. "There are a few things that will happen in the football. The coaches have to deal with them and this is one of them. But this is a question for Paul Hapal," he said to a diplomatic.

Griga leads the national team with Michal Hipp from April 2012 to June 2013: "We've resembled our inconvenience. Players left for a disco and they did not follow the rule. They are skilled and upscale players, and I am Thinking it's going to be in one of the national teams. "

"But it would be unfair for me to advise the current coach of the show. With something similar, the coach Ján Kozák and Vlado Weiss have been in front of me. This is not as special as a Slovak team" he said.

Vladimir Weiss younger

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Vladimir Weiss younger

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According to Griga, it was Monday's sense that the Jeans were prepared for the meeting. "The Schoacchers wanted to play football and were responsible for getting better. That's what players always listen to. But the games won with use. We have made many mistakes do, "he reminded.

An expert coach believes that b & # 39; Can not overwhelm the Czech Republic; seriously injured to the huge impact on Ukraine. "Sometimes it will help the other. For example, before winning his memory in Prague 2: 1 for Vlad Weiss, we played high with 0-4 English. The defeat from Ostrov helped of the players, leaving the Czech Republic well positioned and awakened. Sometimes this fight is better than the important duel of the winners, " Griga came to an end.



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