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There will be something.

A week ago, Paulo Dybala looked at the match against Parma from the mountain. When the Argentine realized that there was no chance to get out, he collapsed and he went into the catching room even before the last whistle.

Allegri was first built that Dybala was just cold, but the media said he was unhappy to Argentina. The coach had to explain everything. Paulo was very guilty.

"Leaving an excuse, the fourth and foolish number of the captain, when not part of Chiellini, is the right course of a highly acclaimed person who has had a lot of responsibility. He was unsuitable, he realized that. Case is closed".

At a news conference, the coach was asked if Ronaldo was one of the reasons for less play.

"E [Дибалы] the condition on the field has not changed– Allegri responded illegally. – The features of the people who play by side have changed. Last year Higuain and Mandzhukich were here – Ronaldo and Mandzhukich. The same number of pages of his ball, the same opportunities. I do not want to play a big defender. Sometimes you will try to find something that is not there.Next Tomorrow will play both Dybala or Bernardeschi. Paulo could be a captain if he comes to the field, but I still have to make a decision. "

Comment on who was against Sassuolo? Bernardeschi!

Dybala was sitting on the bay until the 83 minute. But he was happy with Ronaldo – when Krish was celebrated, he showed the famous Argentine hiding. It is obvious that this is very supportive – Ronaldo does not want to miss Paulo's heart. But perhaps the sign: Ronaldo for Paulo is seen on the more frequent range.

After her game, Allegri Dibalu replied carefully: "He entered the game well".

But he did not have confidence and talked about the importance of Mandzhukich (chan Dybaly).

"Paulo has very different features. It will connect the lines, but if we let it down and Ronaldo, we'll lose the situation in the case. You can play with Ronaldo and Dibaloy (instead of Mandzhukicha), but you lost the minutes. Just look at the numbers: Ronaldo has played with Benzema for ten years, and this is not because they are fantasticNext Post Dibale Mandzhukich needs, Ronaldo Mandzhukich needs. It just causes features. "

But the main decision for Dybaly is another – Krish is on his side.


10 February, 20.00, Città del Tricolore


0: 1 –
23 Khedira,

0: 2 –
70 Ronaldo,

0: 3 –
86 January.

Sassuolo – –
Consigli, Lirola, Magnani, Peluso, Rozherio, Burabia (Magnanelli, 79), Sensi, Locatelli, Berardi, El Babacar (Dia, 59), Djuricic (Matri, 56).
Juventus – –
Shchensny, De Chillo, Rugani, Caceres, Ailig Sandro, Bernardeschi (Dibala, 83), Khedira (Bentankur, 66), Pyanich, Matyuidi (Gian, 85), Mandzhukic, Ronaldo.

(6), Alex Sandro
(27) Magnani
(30), Burabia
(38), Lyrola

Photograph: M. Puglia; Rubin / LaPresse; Sabattini (3,4)

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