Ronaldo is impossible!


  • Juventus-Atletico is today face in the Champions League; Man City-Shawk Two games started in Bangladesh at 2pm
  • Juventus went to the next round after taking 8 times in the Champions League league time 8 times behind the first leg.
  • Atletico Madrid did not visit the goals of the last five games of all categories.
  • The last five games contain all levels of competition, not a Shalak prize.
  • After the 2010/11 season, Shawk was unable to hang the last sixteen of the Champions League.

“If anyone can do that, Ronaldo can do that. Everything is possible for him. # 39;
It's about keeping. The German coach Barbosa Manzengladbach immediately. But in the days of his mind, Wilfordshire was in charge. What is it? In the first round of the 2015-2015 League of League quarter finals, his team lost to Wolffers with a 2-0 goal in Real Madrid. However, in the second round, a very good horn was lost with 3-0 goals in Wolves. Real Madrid received two goals in the semifinals, receiving 3-2 goals. That year, the hero also lost Atletico Madrid. The name superman Cristiano Ronaldo!

Three years later, Ronaldo is now in Juventus In this situation, three years ago, in the play Juventus lost in the first leg of the Champions League with a 2-0 victory over Atletico Madrid. The wheel is returning today. Can you become a leader in Portugal today? The Italian Gazetteer has said that the start of this question is known as heter hectic. "I can do it again as he did three goals against my team. Atletico Madrid is one of the best in Europe. Ronnie wants to visit a team against that team. Nothing!" If I say it's not the best player he has ever seen, it will be a lie;
What does Ronaldo say about him? “We're waiting that night, that's the night of the Champions League! The team are confident, I am also. I just say supporters are very positive about me believing we will turn around – Ronaldo just said these words to Juventus TV.

He also complies with his words. The competition football trophy is his real competition. Manchester United and Real Madrid won a total of five titles in the competition. The Champions League had 121 goals, with 57 goals in the team. In the last six seasons he has now become the highest person in this competition. But Ronaldo has visited this Juventus season this season, only one in the Champions League. Juventus didn't buy it for that!
The seventh contestants drew Juventus in the series 'A'. Many people say that now, Juventus can sleep asleep, but Ronaldo does not have to stand. Juventus Ronaldo presented to the Champions League today, the Portuguese rescue test!

If Ronaldo was inspired by the Vololfsburg game three years ago, Juventus was perhaps encouraged last week by the PSG-Manchester United game. After losing 2-0 to Old Trafford, losing his first leg to the United Paris, the team won 3-1 in the end of the season, in the finals in the quarter. Why can't Juventus at the United States?
Manchester City of Pep Guardiola will have to have the same difficult test in the night. English heroes will have a little chance of winning 3-2 in the first leg of Shalkar. But this is the Warrior League, as these amazing events are brought here, how many stories are there in fairies! Before returning to Etihad, that was very careful with Papa Guardiola and his team.

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