Ronaldo lost the ball, which was easily lost to the young people in Madrid


Tuesday, 11/20/2018 19:03 PM (GMT + 7)

The 2018 Golden Ball subscription has recently become part of Cristiano Ronaldo and belongs to a player in Madrid.

The shows at Raphael Varane in 2018

After ten years, the Gold Ball appears in the hands of Cristiano Ronaldo not Lionel Messi. Both have influenced the prize for a long time with their five winners, but in 2018 the benefits of their club level did not appear to be enough for a prize.

Declaration: Ronaldo will definitely lose a & # 39; yellow member, easily missed for the young people in Madrid - 1

Cristiano Ronaldo is going to Juventus but he did not follow the ball

There are recent signs that Ronaldo no Messi does not have a French Ball, who has a Golden Ball prize. From Luka Modric's prize to The Best 2018 (with a small number of voters also casting for QBV) to L & # 39; Equipe (by the French Football owner) they surveyed warriors. winning without the names of the two players.

French journalist, Mootaz Chehade, first released on QBV 2018. So, the French football pressing team coming to Madrid next week to take a picture of the prize and the winner to be preparing. For the first issue in December (the annual number of winners announced). In other words, not Ronaldo, not Messi, nor Kylian Mbappe and Neymar.

Only three players in Madrid were able to win the prizes, that is Antoine Griezmann, Luka Modric and Raphael Varane. Varane and the Welsh League Modric won in Real Madrid, Griezmann won the Europa League with the Atletico Madrid, but they had the value of the World Cup when Griezmann and Varane won the French and Modric and Croatia won the crown.

Disclosure: Ronaldo will lose to & # 39; yellow boat, easy for young people in Madrid - 2

Madrid trio: Varane – Modric – Griezmann, gets one of three QBVs

Chebade also said that Mbappe will not be available this year, when he gets Raymond Kopa for his favorite 21 last year. The prize is named after the French football legend the Yellow Ball won and played for Real Madrid.

Of course, this information will make a dispute with its & # 39; the public. Although the national team has not been a successful year, Ronaldo and Messi have yet to win the big title at their club level and they still have good personal parks. South-West Although Griezmann is still at the same level as Messi & Ronaldo, Varane won 44 times in La Liga in the 2017/18 season (over Barca 15 and Atletico), and Modric has qualified for top three. But almost the most important thing in the European League and World Cup.

The Golden Ball 2018 will be released by the French Football on 3 December and the winner will be crowned in Paris, France.

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The youngest member of history is still part of Ronaldo de Lima.

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