Ronaldo & Messi will take a & # 39; chairman, disturb him


Thursday, November 22, 18 00:05 AM (GMT + 7)

Although in the early December to win the prize, French journalists have reported that the ball will be in the hands of a new star to influence Ronaldo & Messi's rule.

The exhibitions of Antoine Griezmann in 2018

The Ball Ball Golden 2018 is the first time in a decade by Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. affecting the camera in other player hands. And through the sources from French sports journalists, the Madrid player's football player will play in Madrid.

Ball Ball Golden 2018: Ronaldo & Messi will defeat the throne, very uncertain - 1

Griezmann Ball Golden Golden 2018 is said to have won

Over the past few days there are facts that three of the main candidates for the Golden Ball are working in the Spanish capital, Raphael Varane, Luka Modric (along with Real Madrid) and Antoine Griezmann ( Atletico Madrid)).

Newspaper Mootaz Chehade has shown that a French football journalist will be present in Madrid this week to win prizes as well as taking pictures to prepare for magazine cover 3 December, date of information . bonus.

The news has now been added to the news that Tancredi Palmeri, an Italian co-worker for BeIN Sports, says he had been told that there was an unnamed source for the Golden Ball 2018 Antoine Griezmann, Champion of Europe, won by Atletico Madrid and won the 2018 World Cup with France.

Many people think about the Griezmann case that it was beaten or in 2018, but not the main figure of the French victory in the World Cup, although the Europa League is a competition that is not a League Scotland East-

Griezmann is considered to be the best player in France in particular and the 2018 World Cup as a whole because of its contribution to the 7/11 goals in the & # 39; turbulent tour.

Disclosure: Ronaldo will lose to & # 39; A yellow boat is sure to easily eradicate young people in Madrid

Certainly, the Golden Ball 2018 membership is not part of Cristiano Ronaldo.

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