Ronaldo to Dybala's activity – after the visit


Cristiano Ronaldo has been leading to expecting success in Juventus. When the campaigns that controlled Sassuolo hit 3-0, the Portuguese put their 20th goal for the season.

But even more attention than the visit itself is a holiday destination. Ronaldo made a copy of the prestigious "mask" campaign by the company Paulo Dybalas – who was seen as a Ronaldo side by side.

Last year's successor has just made two league teams since Ronaldo came to the club, and in front of Sassuolo he started his boss.

Ronaldo's activity to Dybala

In Italy's television, the top scrolls who said Ronaldo sat on the team team.

– An interesting person in Cristiano who reads the situation in a sitting room. Dybala may have a bit from Ronaldo to come to her; club and this campaign shows beautiful faces, even from the plan, saying Paolo Di Canio, Calcio Mercato.

– It was a beautiful activity. from one player to another who is currently getting a hard time, says Alessandro Costacurta.

"They should play together"

After their game, the coach Juventus Maxi Allegri was asked how he should do; Handles two virtues in the same team.

"Ronaldo and Dybala can play completely together and do so, but everyone needs to work hard for the team to be fair," said Allegri.

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