Ronaldo's mother reintroduced breast cancer


Ronaldo's mother reintroduced breast cancer

Known as a terrible son, the information taken by her Dolores back from chronic cancer is definitely a & # 39; Huge impact on Juventus payrolls. This is not the first time the CR7 family have received such a storm. Previously, in 2007, breast cancer showed that Dolores was successfully remedied.

The idea of ​​the evil monster's disease was taken away, but suddenly he returned just before Mrs. Dolores to Italy to attend his son's 35th anniversary. Throughout the media, Dolores added: "I got a surgery in Madrid, and then radiotherapy and now I'm fighting for my life."

Ronaldo is not currently talking about her mother's health situation. This was a sad time for a man who was a Manchester United striker; Previously when he got into a disaster. Before he realized his mother's grief, Ronaldo needed to have a 2-year sentence suspended to stop taxes. Long after that, his "secondary music" died – the father of the lawyer Georgina Rodriguez at the age of 70 too.

Georgina had always been Ronaldo's backdrop, but she also fell very sadly in the house. During the sad times Ronaldo was able to show her strong features as long as she could. as he always suffered all his relatives.

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