Rose West began to kill Rose West's pre-systematic sequences. Doctors need to do with or do not face early death


Rose West is asked to lose weight with doctors or die early.

The famous mortal appears to have a generic dietary choice in an application to lose more fat, according to reports.

The west, which is drowned to 18 stones, Eat meals of cake, crisp and chocolate while it's behind bars.

Experts say that people who suffer from the west from high blood pressure and their illnesses. threatening to develop heart disease and diabetes type 2

But now she has to drain the sugar sugars for more animal foods such as fish, salads and vegetables if she wants to improve her health.

Ketogenic food – written by celebrities such as Halle Berry and Kim Kardashian – wants to choose low-quality carbohydrate partners.

Rose West was imprisoned in 1995 for a murder of 10 young women

He will impose control in a state called ketosis and his / her; Turning the body's main energy source from glucose to fat.

One prison source with the Daily Star said: "It has been reported to the west several times that it is very dangerous.

"She has chosen to go to her food, which quickly fails to lose fast if you stay firmly with the rules.

"It's so heavy that she is often breathing and sometimes help to get away from the toilet."

There are only 20g of charbohydrates in the Western day but can not use more than 1,500 calories a day.

The murderer who is convicted of his deterrent will be devoured for healthy salads and vegetables

The 65-year-old is famous for her lover on cakes and last year he has baked at Low Newton Prison in Durham.

The west side, one of Britain's most famous series killers, was convicted and imprisoned in 1995 for his murder to his 10 sufferers.

The majority were killed at 25 Cromwell Street in Gloucester, the apartment that she worked with the person who was in charge of her. killing the saddle.

Fred West – killed at least 12 women, including Heather's daughter – his own life in prison before he could make a jury.

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