Rotorua and Tauranga drivers were put forward to watch airbags


Bay of Plenty drivers are encouraged to determine which type of luggage they put in their cars.

In April, the Minister for Business Affairs and the Kris Faafoi Manufacturers announced that 50,000 vehicles with Takata online material were brought under compulsory repeat.

BMW, Honda, Isuzu, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru and Toyota are not affected by air tickets.

List of BP lists Bay of Plenty Angie Warren-Clark. Dealbh / File
List of BP lists Bay of Plenty Angie Warren-Clark. Dealbh / File

Today, MP Angie Warren-Clark said there were at least 477 vehicles with Takata alpha airbags in Rotorua and 1269 in Tauranga and in the West West Bay Bay that needed the place .

"We know that airplane luggage is most likely to be older models in the most vulnerable cars. We need to get so many airbags out of the cars out there. in the community because our cars carry our children, their devices.

"I also want to make sure that people know how to make their airplanes free of charge if it's on Alpha's flight. We know it can be difficult to add your car in the store for repair, but these airplane aircraft have a major risk.

"Overseas, 23 maritime cases of airlinks have been gutting and planting trees in the vehicle. Although there is a danger that this happens in New Zealand is low because the air is not so obvious, the airbags are most likely, we need customers to reduce risk levels, and keep people safe. "

Voluntary recall of vehicles with Takata airbags had begun to be commenced in New Zealand in 2013, with around 29,000 aircraft reconstructed. Air traffic operators have a much higher risk in a bad start in an accident and planting trees to vehicle residents.

You can get a tool on the Car Right website to see if your car is covered by the repeal:

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