Roubaix: You can (still) meet the Wonder Woman and Superman at the Comics Festival


Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Superman … They are all in Roubaix This Saturday, 16 February and Sunday, February 17 for Fèis Comics (pretty much). The chocolate superheroes, an Anglo-Saxon comedy, have created a true culture in France bringing together fans and defenders.

But with the way, what is cosplay? "Way to express yourself on films and comics by covering itself as a character or in "animation"says a visitor. "It is essential to make the difference between sport and sport which places more emphasis on theater, art ", he will put another one.

Roubaix: You can (still) meet the Wonder Woman and Superman at the Comics Festival

>> Saada Soubane and Josephine Kloeckner

Fèis to tell you but also link to the artists. Gregory Watine, a photographer, has his talent at her; the public throughout the weekend. "I do free pictures which I recommend to peoplehe says. It's an application, and for example, I was asked Turtle Pikachu-Ninjawe'll see what happens when it's ready! "

Augustine Wonder: real superheroine

In honor also: the heroine. The real things. Between the artists and the animation we find Augustine Society, named after a little girl who has died as a result of unpleasant cancer, has inspired a great wave of mystery in the area.
"She was 4 years old, She likes to be fun, laugh, dance … and clothes like Wonder WomanAmélie Roma explains, a volunteer and societies. That's why we've been on the festival, for funding research for a painting canteen. "

Animations, dedication, and conferences: those who are passionate and unsure so tomorrow invasion in the world of comics at Lille gates.

Practical information

The 2019 edition will be held at Henri Watremez Hall at 13 rue de l'Hospice in Roubaix. It is 200 meters from Metro Roubaix Grand Place Station and 500 meters from Roubaix Train Station.
The sitting room is open now between 11am and 18h. More information about the festival website.

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