Rousey Round how she is feeling about & # 39; facing Charlotte Seo early, sending her & # 39; First Chairman (Video)


As shown above, Ronda Rousey, the Women's RAW competition, has a Q & A video on her YouTube channel while preparing to address WWE's Charlotte Flair Survivor Series on the Sabbath.

Regarding his game with Flair, Rousey said she would like to get more knowledge under her belt before Flair was ahead of her, but she's ready.

"Because of my choice, I may want to choose more knowledge and improve the brain before I could share it with someone like Charlotte Flair," said Rousey. "But you know that there are opportunities to come when they come. I'm ready to get hold of it, I have succeeded with previous consumer features and was thrown into the end of WWE from day to day. only, and I have not drowned yet. Those on my way, I will continue to do as well as I can be better than expected. "

Rousey was also asked to take his first steel chairman away from Champion Champion Women SmackDown, Becky Lynch, on RAW Monday.

"It was so cool, it was real, really cool," said Rousey about his first chair. "It was really cool, indeed, to get my first chairman. I was honored to be in that situation, so that his first chairman could be. "

Rousey said he was a "slippery man" to enjoy things as chairmen of a chair and she could see how she could argue that she can more than two. She said she was a "envelope envelope" and maybe "Pandora" is not a good type; to go in. Rousey also reported that she did not understand that a catalyst was severely disturbed by one of the characters in a chair until she was sitting at home a few days after the corner.

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