RPL researchers are preparing for working with the VAR system in the Russian Cup


Unexpectedly, by the end of the Russian season, nine games are immediately played with VAR. We are talking about the semi-finals of the Russian Cup final and the games aimed at staying right in the RPL. However, only IFAB and FIFA decide what ability to use the video system. The list of requirements for laundry, referees and coordinators is very large and will be treated as an option for the next Cup Cup final as 50/50. In this case, the more time it is for the preparation of the referees, the more likely there will be permission for the use of technology.

VAR in Russia has so far been made up of two volunteer bus buses, where the judge VAR, the helper and his executive are in attendance. Through training sessions, 15 of them have changed since each of them: FIFA and IFAB requirements for working more.

It is said that by fully launching it on VAR it is desirable to have a facility which will feature from the stadium. But as yet it has not understood where it will be, how long it will take to create it, and what it will cost.

Project Manager for VAR in Russia Leonid Kaloshin which reports that it was possible to start their arrangements directly on 1 December, since that time there was no agreed budget or program of work. During winter's winter, we had the opportunity to hold a training week in Turkey, now the season has started again, and it is harder to draw out referees for training. As well as the practical classes there is a training class in order to work with video. Additionally there are offline games where the VAR referees resolve what is happening on the field, but they don't communicate with the main one. And the games “by using a surrogate governor”: games that VAR negotiators debate with the referee, who will also look at football on TV. The ultimate goal is to end the VAR message and the main referee in an official football match.

In Strogino, the referees have used the classical times that appear in games for the third day. The biggest thing you need is: the link between the judge in the park and the judge VAR. Outwith the park the lookout is repeating, but for two hours the judges visit longer than five times. And often people don't look at repetition much: you need to discuss a program with a VAR judge and make a decision together. “I see. Like yesterday, or what? And what will you do, Mishan? Explain! He is lamenting his hand or what is that? Do you think this is clear? Okay, well, '- this is how the referee's appearance has the appearance of a chatter. However, on the training ground the judges have only ten cameras, and 10 usually have RPL games, and some give a clearer picture. In this case, the photograph should be taken from the broadcast according to the rules used by the VAR convicts. If the system is installed in extra cameras in difficult points, the image must be broadcast on the air.

Sometimes very little equipment fails. One of the ways of seeing the repetition is because the image has rejected several seconds on the board. “Vasya, I've got a kind of bear!” – surprised the headset Sergey Lapochkin. But finally the signal quickly reached the table.

Sometimes the process is delayed, and in such cases Kaloshin reminds the judges of the importance of saving time. “If you are sure that you are after the video, decide what you wanted to do immediately,” he explained. And after that he explains that one of VAR's advantages – the system helps to explain the referee's certificates clearly. “There is always a risk that you didn't notice the event for some reason. He had no time, the game was closed down, she watched another time – this was life. But if the judge, even after watching the replay from several areas, makes the wrong decision, this is already an indicator. ”

Broadly, visually, it seems likely that VAR is also working out as interesting as technological innovation. In one of the events, the webcam will be running out to watch the rehearsal with the main thing: it is immediately that this is impossible. “Oh, sorry!” – the helper comes back directly to the causeway.

In Russia they want to open the VAR, but first of all you have to start in full mode. To do this, use as many games as you can already use the system. Now it is important to prepare the vital number of convicts for the nine registered games – it is enough to train six judges. What happens when this is unknown. No fundamental decisions were taken about the introduction of VAR into the full RPL, but discussions with the new president's president on this issue are also not included. Sergey Pryadkin month ago he said that it was only possible to introduce a video help system from the second part of the next season. But even with dates like that, preparations should start for the summer.

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