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After more than two hours a meeting with the heads of the River and Boca, the Conmebol decided that the second leg of the final Copa Libertadores was played "between 8 and 9 December" outside Argentina, although there is no co-operation -and about the timetable or headquarters. Although it was not issued in respect of an application issued by Boca Juniors, asking him to be a warrior called to play, Alejandro Domínguez declared that the decision be responsible for managing & Judgment. He explained that he will be "outside Argentina because there are no conditions to be in that country."

In a news conference, only the president of Conmebol tried to send a peace message into the two clubs and called on the leadership to do the same "to combat violence be removed. " "I have the demand for both headteachers, regardless of whether they have the responsibility to protect their property's rights, requesting the right to send the message: football to make friends, to join us, "he said.

Although he did not agree with Do Onofrio and Angelici, Domínguez indicated that "his meeting was very enjoyable" and made it clear that the situation of the center has played the game, although not in Argentina. "We have a duty to play a game, according to what the County Commission is deciding," he said.

"The game will be played on Saturday 8 or Sunday 9 outside Argentina's country," he stressed, again describing his & her; Disciplinary Court that has to make a decision on Boca's complaint.

A few minutes before the conference, in which no questions were accepted, the Conmebol officially issued the termination of the border. He explained that, when the Disciplinary Tribunal is issued, the entity "will depend on travel, lodging, food and movement costs within up to 40 people per group." He also said that "the security coordination by the co-responsive authorities" will be carried by the Conmebol.

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