RTP threatened strike warning and 4% increase required Media


The RTP staff agrees Wednesday, in the entire series, a book that wants to strike a "bad business negotiation" strike on the administration and also a series of suggestions – This is a salary increase in 2019 in a 4% order, with at least 50 €.

In a statement, the Public Service (CT) Committee is one of the largest "full-standing groups" of the public station, known as "Exception for One, Exception for All" and inspired by the last statement on the recruitment of journalists Cândida Pinto and Helena Garrido for former directors at the time of regulation still committed to integrating at least 130 uncertain workers were identified as if the conditions to be resolved. At the time, the staff commission was threatened to do anything again with a strike and his / her; criticized what it was considered as "luxurious objections" that were allowed by the administration.

The CT and the unions concluded to Gonçalo Reis's administration of the advocacy book. It provides that trade unions "promptly warn a strike – if CA is in [conselho de administração] to be effective. "In the document, staff want a 4% increase in the salary scale of the company's agreement, with at least 50 barrels.

The full determination decided to give the union unions "to show all kinds of strides, if Gonçalo Reis should not be administered for the negotiation of the application document. launched "strike, valid from five working days from the date of submission," which should be effective if the administration does not "respond appropriately to the submissions of those staff."

Most of the entries are in & # 39; sensitivity question. Approximately 300 cases of uncertain staff were identified within the PREVPAP, but at the end of the assessment 130 did not meet but the conditions to enter the company. The delay in the completion of the strike and protest entry was completed at a two-week business door back.

The document requires "integration directly into the staff of the 130 workers who are uncomfortable who have a positive attitude to the bilingual appraisal committee of Culture," the entity that is Unrestricted evaluation in the context of its program to manage the links of public administration staff. And he asks that the "emergency review" administration of the situation will make about 70 cases where he changed his opinion through the process.

Also related to the unstable, it is imperative that all employees have a workforce in service provision, and "a written commitment with RTP that establishes the rehabilitation of The business of the company is designed in a planned way, through public and transparent offer, and denies any work security and all kinds. "

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