RTVS received a fine for a state language, television licensed in the east of television


The Public Broadcasting and Repeat (RVR) Council sent the public service fine at RTVS and Radio Wow at Wednesday session. Digital broadcasting license was granted by Michalovce, a television company called Logos Media.

The Council provided financial penalties of 200 euros for telecommunications. The problem is the daily diary of Hello Slovakia, which is broadcast on Two. In particular, in the part broadcast on June 1, RTVS imposed the law on the use of state language, the governor said.

The RTVS also started a fair hearing, as it was possible to break independence or impartiality or divide the idea of ​​the information. The competition is part of the debate on Brahna Dobsinsky Bez obalu, which was broadcast by Radio Slovakia recently.

Pàigh also Radio Wow. It was broadcast three times in April, which broke out to & # 39; license. The Council sent a fine of 199 euros.

The RVR has also begun to act correctly against Joj. It may have been a breach of advertising on broadcasting politics advertising in the Press Release, especially in the "Map Map Priority" report. The law could be disrupted on television by going to the # 39; Broadcasting of the Minister's series, and one of these is directed against a & # 39; spreading violence, causing suffering or harm to sex or race.

The board also analyzes its smaller station. Again, she will play at the Mafstory series, which will play a " broadcast at 20:14, with accessible access to your age.

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