Rubber Illness, Offense and Arts Exhibitions Duty


Mary Xenou studied the work of Thanasis Triariides on the murder event in Congo and on joint responsibility.

Being a spectator in "Leopold or breaking your keyboard" in Theater Avaton is not straightforward. Not only is the subject – a murder in Congo, "the work of the Belgian king" Leopold II, for the purpose of using rubber – but the audience gradually introducing an environment in an environment t reckonable duties and ideas. There were times when I felt the end of level and square had been destroyed, its knowledge, also psychosomatic, was so strong. Senses are active.

On stage, just for 100 minutes, Mary Xenou. He tells the work of Thanasis Triariides, but it is difficult to say that it's a monologue. Resurrection is a complete grid of information and conflicting feelings. Is it a "physical" theater? Yes, it's, but it is a theater that accepts the audience and does not leave it until it understands that 100 minutes of its life is used to its highest quality. You can see how the three young women formed by ex.anima (Maria Tsobanakou, directed by Vassiliki Koulis and the main character Mary Xenou) introduced a difficult subject and multi-stage text, and made us perform from it is the viewer. it's going "differently".

Thanasis Triarides, one of the theater's troubled spirits, is making a problem of research around Africa. The first part is Leopold or Cutting the Fingers of the Audience, ”which was started in Addis Ababa in 2016. “The emotional tragedy of the journey to Addis Ababa has led to a repeat of an unprofessional offense which the West has set about its culture,” said Thanasis Triarides. The Congolese has been the only victim of a scholar and his staff (Leopold B and his night-time heavy-duty mercenaries) who have been killed between 12 and 20 million (even the divide between the two numbers). t . • It is a crime for all Western societies to restore everyday life in the population, today and in the future by Congo's blood-colored rubber. Our ancestors are a crime, and in these cases, the blood of our victims, their destruction, the pain, the breaking, the news and our children are all victims. "

Avaton Theater, Eupatridon 3, Gazi. Every Saturday (21:00) to 11/5.

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