Batman has been missing from Gotham City for years in the Arrowverse, and when he woke up, Kate Kane has risen. Kane runs around Gotham as Batwoman, the wild watchman who is also a happens as the main character of LGBTQ at DC. Ruby Rose was thrown out as Kate Kane for the Arrowverse annual case, and his first recital was debated. For an uncertain reason, people felt that Kate was not good enough for a lesbian superhero … make no sense. "Where on the ground" Ruby was not a lesbian, so she could not be a Batwoman "coming from … it has always been the most unusual, most amazing thing I've ever read. I'm out at 12? And I want it for the time I had to deal with it and it's too dazzling … How does it appear to be so. I did not change, "she made a tweet before displaying it.

Anthony Harvey / Getty Images for MTV

Rose was originally a hero more loving than the story. She'll save the heroes Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl when they come to Gotham to investigate some of the effects of change. "Our goal was to try to create a set, narrative setting, where we could meet her, be fascinating with it, bring a little into Gotham," said Caroline Dries. Dries is developing a special Batwoman series. "We've got the best story for that if our people were going to Gotham and helped her with their story and then they took off. So we knew who A character that was going into … asked us how to make it a secret kind. "