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Former manager Schalke, Rudi Assauer, is dead. The coach before Schalke, Huub Steven, remembers his last meetings with his / her; principal manager 04 – with a sad statement.

  • Rudi Assauer died on Wednesday 6 February, along with his family.
  • The old professional appointee and a 74 year old ex-manager.
  • Not only does a football world lament lament.

Update 8 February, 8:09 f:

The coach coach Schalke Huub Stevens still remembers his last encounter with his friend Rudi Assauer. "Unfortunately, I did not recognize me in the last trips. It was very calm, included himself," said the current board of directors on the Bundesliga football club Internet portal "Sportbuzzer". "For years, Rudi was no longer, as we all knew because of this disease, not the Assi, who was my friend."

Update 8 February 6:20 f:

Schalke 04 wants to call a street in Gelsenkirchen after the death club Rudi Assauer. "We will take the tournament from the club and go to the town of Gelsenkirchen to mark a street after Rudi Assauer," said Schalke 04 on Friday on his homepage. It is considered, from another, to a street near the Schalke area. Assauer died Wednesday at 74 years.

Update 7 Feb 4:32 f:

From wooden circles it was proposed that the Schalke 04 homeland had changed to "Rudi Assauer Arena". Rights of the name of the Veltins Arena should not be offered after the termination of the contract. At that time, Assauer had made a great deal of progress in building the hypermodern multi-activity range. It was established in August 2001.

The "1000 Friendly Wall" in front of the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen is the ever-increasing emigration site for love fans. Some supporters would add flowers, scams, teddy bearers and other devices in memory of her. assassin of Assauer.

Uli Hoeneß about Rudi Assauer: "We were also friends in private"

Update 7 February, 1:13 f: In addition, Uli Hoeneß (67) has considered the work of Rudi Assauer. Bayern leader in the ARD said: "He was a really good man, who made the football very well." They fought a lot of battle, but in private they are well understood. "We were also friends in private," said Hoeneß.

Rudi Assauer: The best five marks

Update 7 February, 12:48 f: A man with clear words; in Rudi Assauer. Here are the best five sentences:

  • "They're breaking white geese on a stomach. If Bayern is just playing the upper FC shirt, the television is there." Rudi Assauer to the choice of the " TV channel for live coverage of Bayern games.
  • "The different relationship has happened after I have said that we will not continue." Rudi Assauer on the erasure of the S04 Frank Neubarth coach (July 2002 – March 2003).
  • "When the snow is melted, you'll see where the crap is." Rudi Assauer on the promising crack over referee Robert Hoyzer in 2005.
  • "I'm managing Schalke or Schalke who ruled me!" Rudi Assauer about his life as Schalke manager.
  • "There's no idea about football. But otherwise the old woman is bad." Rudi Assauer then joined the companion of Simone Thomalla.

Rudi Assauer is dead: Sophia Thomalla is logged on Instagram

Update 7 February, 12.33 f: Good behavior of Schalke fans. Some have set candles for Rudi Assauer on the Friends of the Miles. These reports AirReporter Schlarmann.

Update 7 February, 11:52 f: Stuttgart coach Markus Weinzierl has mentioned the death of Rudi Assauer. The 44-year-old said: "I know the work, I know standing, I know the value. He is a child for the Bundesliga and he is always sad." Weinzierl a coach at FC Schalke 04 from 2016 to 2017.

Update 7 February, 10:55 am: At the same time, Sophia Thomalla has also spoken (see also 8.16 clock update). At Instagram, he wrote 29 years old to talk to words about Rudi Assauer, who was involved in Thomalla Simone's mother for a number of years. Among other things, Sophia Thomalla writes she is regretted that she was no longer in her; seeking contact with the end of life of Assauer. The text statement:

Look at this post on Instagram

It did not appear right to me yesterday, after the message has uploaded something on Instagram, which just explains how it works. Everyone writes that the great man, the singer Schalke, male and soul are good, but who is the one who is a? wrote about the one who spent 10 years of Easter, Christmas, holiday, one of them going to school, school principal office I went alone after telling me I had tired of some lessons and what I should do, and it's really hard for me. The person who used me to be struggling for any reason, just because of & # 39; I was 14 years old and a big bar. The man with whom a man has succeeded and failed. The man who called together when Schalke lost the competition in 2001. Certainly, one of the worst days of my life to the present day. I do not know what I'm feeling. I'm sorry, indeed, but not just that. For years, tell me myself that it is a better decision to do not; trying to communicate. Now I'm installing 30, and its # 39; Looking back, I understand that I'm sorry. I also have to say that life is too short. Unfortunately, there was no relationship with the family at the moment, mean that I will not stop it. Despite this, it is still my heart. Mar Rudi, not a caretaker.

A contribution is shared by S O P H I T A T A T A S A L L A (@sophiathomalla) on

Rudi Assauer is dead: what was the same reason for her & her; death?

Update 7 February, 10:38 m: On Wednesday, about 15:30, the Rudi Assauer clock has died according to a number of media statements. The day after that, many football fans ask what the reason was; at death. One thing is clear: Rudi Assauer suffered from Alzheimer's. In simple simplifications, this is a disease in which cells in the "" ugly key system are " die. Those affected are suffering by & # 39; increasing dementia, so they lose skills they have acquired during their lives.

Rudi Assauer published his Alzheimer's illness in 2012. At that time, Schalke's long-term manager was still suitable, he said to picture-Zeitung: "My brain, the outside corridor, does not work any longer. It does not get better, it's getting worse. I have to accept it . Of course! "Six years later, a public appearance, in which Rudi Assauer was clearly highlighted. He could hardly speak, the old Bundesliga needed to reach a wheelchair macho.

Is Alzheimer's reason for death in Rudi Assauer? Unlikely. The Society of German Alzheimer's Society has written on its website: "Alzheimer's disease does not mean death. Infectious illness is the most common cause of death."

Update 7 February, 10.07 clock: At the same time, more and more images of DFB match matching Schalke against Fortuna Dusseldorf (4: 1) have emerged. Schalke's loop also laments Rudi Assauer. Before he started holding a big banner, he said: "It's not a dream of dying – peace in peace." Large movement: After the whistle the team turned with XXL a banner of honor on his garden, remembered with the surviving conductors of the dead,

After 4: 1 against Fortuna Dusseldorf: Schalke team with XXL flag for Rudi Assauer.

© photo photographic / dpa / Ina Fassbender

Update 7 February, 9:33 m: Also, the famous 9gag Rudi Assauer page will prove the last honor. The meme specialist with over 100 million subscribers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram has a picture of ex-Schalke manager on his page, along with the words: "There is another story left to us. Rest in peace, Rudi."

Update 7 February, 8:53 f: Even politicians have commented on the death of Rudi Assauer. Armin Laschet, prime minister of Rhine-Westphalia, (57, CDU) wrote on Twitter, that Assauer would "need the sport and our country".

Update 7 February, 8:16 am: So far, he has been silent around Sophia Thomalla (29). She is the daughter of the actress Simone Thomalla, who has been very funny with Rudi Assauer for several years. Sophia Thomalla once informed about the late Schalke leader: "Rudi was my father!"

Sophia Thomalla at donation. She once said, "Rudi was my father."

© photo sculpture / dpa / Jens Büttner

Video: "A good trip, Rudi's love" – ​​Rudi Assauer laughed and lamented

Update 7 February 7:28 f: The famous football journalist Christoph Biermann asked in a tweet to name the Veltins Arena after the death of Riss Assauer.

A man who says he says that you must enter the Veltins Arena to match Ruhrpott's dialect in "Rudi Assauer sein Stadion". Another Schalke will see more pragmatic. One of them writes: "Due to the economic losses, even Rudi would have been against him." Others are welcome renamed. "Okay," said Twitter user.

Unfortunately, in fact, the stadium club will not give it. It has 6.5 million euros to get the royal blues every year Veltins sent his name to her; the summit.

Update 7 February, 6:55 f: Rudi Assauer's companion, Huub Stevens (65) Kicker: "He introduced it to Germany, it is my email address. We have been very successful together and we always have to keep and know. It hurts many. Especially this long illness, which becomes worse and worse. "

Big Buddies: Rudi Assauer's late and Huub Stevens (back).

© photo photographic / dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

Update 7 February, 6:43 f: Oliver Hilbring, a lazy cultist, watched words after Rudi Assauer died. He published a simple black and white image on Instagram, with the words: "Bon voyage, Rudi. A great benefit."

7 February Update, 6.21m: Even one day after the death of the former director of Schalke, Rudi Assauer, the football world has been damaged. The final preparator of the Guail Fighter Camp and the Thorsten Legat Camp (50) on Twitter wrote:

Update from 21.59 clock: Even the old partner Simone Thomalla has accepted her partner with warm words.

Updated from 21:44: Uli Hoeness in the ARD said during the half-time break of the Hertha BSC game against FC Bayern Munich *: "We've spent a lot of blocks. We often broke ourselves but we always realized it He was a hard man who misses football. "

Update from 21.31 clock: Clemens Tönnies, current member of the Schalke Board of Directors: "Gun Rudi, we would not have all been here today. Built by the modern architect Schalke. Rudi, we are completely tough and we will not forget ever. "Even the old captain of the Royal Blues, Benedikt Höwedes, has put his sympathy.

Reinhard Grindel (President of the DFB) said: "With Rudi Assauer, a German football is a special person and has moved a lot for a club in Germany in 307 games Bundesliga as a player, as a coach and senior as FC Schalke's manager 04. My family is particularly compassionate. "

Rudi Assauer is dead – Schalke, Dortmund and Bochum mourn

Update from 21.15 clock: The football world mourns the stories. Rudi Assauer has been in charge of the Bundesliga and in particular the FC Schalke 04. Before the DFB Cup met, the miners kept a minute minute.

FC Schalke 04 commented on Twitter and they also say they would fight Fortuna Dusseldorf against Mourning Ribbon

VfL Bochum has also added sympathy to the Royal Blues.

Borussia Dortmund Rudi Assauer succeeded in an active role. BVB has also shown its sadness.

Some of the remaining words were also Gerald Asamoah, who was a Schalke actor.

Schalke Rudi Assauer's story is dead – her wife mourning: "Sad but also a solution"

Gelsenkirchen – Schalke Rudi Assauer's football story has died. Beate Schneider, the 74-year-old partner, confirmed this information. "Rudi died today. It's also difficult for him to health. We're all sorry," Schneider is named on In 2012 it became apparent that Assauer was suffering from Alzheimer's. He faced his illness in the biography.

In particular the FC Schalke 04 it was made for decades. It is amazing that still remains a major play since 2001, when Assauer was already delighted, but Bayern got another goal and dream of the Bundesliga title. Until 2006 he worked as manager for the benches. During its time, the UEFA Royal Blues Cup won in 1997 – ahead of the Europa League – and won the DFB Cup in 2001 and 2002.

Rudi Assauer – Always unresolved from FC Schalke 04

Its name is completely disqualified from FC Schalke 04. In the decades, the person did not create the traditional club from the area as stable as Rudi Assauer. "Without these fans, without this tradition, not to believe it really, this club would be dead dead. That's the Schalke 04 philosophy," said Assauer's trip. And he hardly mentioned what the football club meant for him.

Already during his life, he was a powerful manager who looked at Schalke as his life, a blue royal tale. Now, Rudolf "Rudi" Assauer, who suffered from Alzheimer's for years, had died at a 74-year-old Wednesday. This was reinforced by the German journalist from a circle of the family. Initially, the "Bunte" gave an account of the death of Assauer. He leaves behind two daughters, Katy and Bettina.

Rudi Assauer and Huub Stevens with the UEFA Cup in 1997.

© photo photographic / dpa / Ferdinand Ostrop

"I'm managing Schalke or Schalke's creation," is one of Assauer's most famous sentences. Looking back, it can be said that he made Schalke. In two terms (1981 to 1986 and 1993 to 2006), he worked for a total of 18 years for the Revierclub as manager. However, he did not succeed until the president then, "Sun King" Günter Eichberg, who would need it in his & # 39; April 1993. Schalke was financially on the ground, threatening to withdraw licenses. With a tough effort, Assauer and his board members got confidence from the banks and sponsors in the following years, putting the foundation for sporting success later.

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