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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Candidate for presidential president 01 Amin ruf repeats the same account in applicant's citation 02 Prabowo Subianto who are nominated by ministerial candidates President's election 2019.

"Yes, if you recognize it [calon nama menteri] all right. But the effects were not shared, "said ruf at Jakabaring City Sports Hall (JSC) Palembang Dinning on Friday (3/29). T

Ruf thinks there are candidate names for Jokowi ministers when he is re-elected later. However, even if it is still a secret, it will only be released once it has been elected to win a president.

"If the word is still there, just in the heart. A A, B. But it will rise again when he wins," said ruf.

Meanwhile, Chair of Jokowi-TKN, Erick Thohir, said Jokowi had not come to a decision about the ministerial arrangements if he would win the election of president 2019.

"The winner will only be in April 17," Erick said at Senayan Mall at Senayan, Friday (29/3).

Erick said the president's election after a president does not mean buying a cat in a sack. So he said it was not an event to choose the minister that had elected the president.

Erick, however, argued that Prabowo had nominated several names for its ministerial candidates elected as president of period 2019-2024. It only invited all parties to aim to win the 2019 Presidential election.

"We are aiming at the presidential elections. The minister's name is that of ministerial commitments, this minister is not enough as a minister in the minister," he said.

Although he was quiet about the minister's name, he believed that Jokowi would choose the best minister. Jokowi added, that current ministers could be retained and replaced.

"But of course the best ministers from the community, from the young generation. Indeed the best people in Indonesia," said Erick.

Before that, Prabowo noted that he would make a number of important people in political parties such as ministers if he were elected as president.

Prabowo applicants have several names, ie Ketum PKS Sohibul Iman, a former Governor of West Java and cadres PKS Ahmad Heryawan, Kogasma Democrat Commander And Harimurti Yudhoyono, Minister PAN Zulkifli Hasan and Democratic Secretary General Hinca Pandjaitan.

Indeed, the MPN said that Inspector Novel Baswedan was one of the applicants to the Solicitor General if Prabowo became president.

Applicant number no 02 Prabowo Subianto. (CNN / Adhi Indonesia)

Jokowi white defense action

Erick confirmed that Jokowi is not asking people to use and select candidates who wear white clothes on walls breaking the rules. According to the book, the Jokowi campaign was acting as Vice-President 02 Sandiaga Uno's when he invited people to use blue clothes.

“If Pak Jokowi is a campaign inviting the public to go into white shirts, in fact it will wear white clothes. When he invites legitimate people like Mr Sandi to invite people to wear blue clothes, Erick said when the exhibition: Karya na Prayer for Archipelago & # 39; at Senayan Town Mall, Jakarta, Friday (29/3).

Erick said that Jokowi this time didn't struggle for people to use special clothes. In the 2014 Presidential election, he reminded everyone that Jokowi had invited the public to use clothing with party brands.

In addition, Erick believes that the Jokowi initiative would not cause community engagement. He also agreed that the campaign would be polarized.

He gave an invitation to make a complaint about the KPU, saying that getting the election earlier was something the public feared.

"How awful? If we are good?" you know painting a right exhibition display. Positive things, "he said.

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