Rugby league, Super League: A first NRL player Blake Austin in a problem to arrest, Konrad Hurrell, Ben Barba


Blake Austin, who has been a Canberra player, has escaped after an attack in his hospital enemy.

At the same time, Konrad Hurrell has shown her another Super League club to her; it could come.

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Warrington's star, Blake Austin, has blocked the attack that Captain Hull KR, Joel Tomkins left, has been severely damaged.

Tomkins took an attack at the time of his visit to 2 and stopped a little more than a half-way when Austin entered and hit with his head ahead.

Tomkins was not slowly moved and was sent to hospital. It has been distributed.

Austin was punished over the event, with many fans who believed it was an offense.

Hull KR Tim Sheens was not happy.

Captain Hull KR at Austin KO

Captain Hull KR at Austin KO


"Joel needed to go to an ambulance hospital and he is a sick boy and in a bad and we are worried," said Sheens.

"I think the player who is involved this week will have a little worrying but it does not help us for the 10-minute fact he was in search of.

"It's difficult for assessors because he does not know how hard he has put in hospital, and it's not a matter of difference if you are lying on the ground or offset; run through, if you hit on your head you will have a problem.

"I do not worry, however, it's difficult for assessors but I lost my captain and the winning player in the team for most games."

But overnight, Austin was Solved by the Match Review Panel causing a misleading of social media.

Twitter users were aiming at the MRP, describing its & # 39; committee "joke", "inconsistent", even "corrupt".







Old Helens's skipper, Paul Sculthorpe, has pushed the record of Ben Barba's recording after a domestic violence event that has gone on. belongs to his companion in the Bailesville casino.

Barba was a star for St in Super League and last year won the Man of Steel prize.

Ben Barba during his time with St Helens.
Ben Barba during his time with St Helens.Well: Provided

"It's so brilliant to see this, especially after Beinn himself has played over the 12 months in Super League," Skulthorpe wrote in his column for St Helens Star.

"Unfortunately, some players simply do not understand the opportunities they have and the responsibility to work like that.

"I'm not honest to see any way back to this time now … unfortunately there is a complete rubbish of a unique talent."


Konrad Hurrell, the Barnstorming center, has shown that he can take the move to England much faster.

The old star Warriors and Gold Coast have gone into Leeds on a three-year contract this market and last week played their first official match for her & # 39 ; club.

But a & # 39; The first Super League would have been with Hull FC about the time he played for the Warriors.

Konrad Hurrell was as long as he was at Titanan.
Konrad Hurrell was as long as he was at Titanan.Well: AAP

"I had a chance to come here in recent years, but I wanted to make sure it was right," said Hurrell Total Rugby LeagueSouth Westerly

"Bold Carl (Head of Doncaster) Carl Hall, who told Hull FC and how there was a chance here, but told him that I still wanted the Warriors (New Zealand ). They learned me the game and I wanted to bring something back to them.

"It was hard to say that, however, Dave Furner does not take over and how the club is building. It was very difficult to go down and I jumped with the Both hands and Tui and Trent also promise that it is easier to go into a new place with some familiar faces. "


The old player Gold Coast and Parramatta, Brett Delaney, have decided to hang the boots.

The 33 year old, who has been & # 39; played in England since 2010 and won four Super League titles with Leeds, deciding after having been able to go to her. suffer injury from the future.

Delaney played 81 NRL games for the Eels and Titans from 2005 to 2009, before going to the Rhinos for which he spent 10 years.

He went to Stonestone this season, but it was not so long.

Brett Delaney during his time at Titanan.
Brett Delaney during his time at Titanan.Well: News Limited

"I am very grateful to Stonestone for giving me the opportunity to continue my job," said Delaney. "Unfortunately, it does not work out and it seems that I need to do other work, but I have still heard the short time here.

"I have a good job, where I did everything and do not have any regret. I would like to thank all of my coaches and supporters at Leeds and Featherstone.

"There is a special league rugby community and I am now looking forward to continuing with the Trust in Leeds. I'm looking forward to my blogs coach as well as working with young players, and possibly defense. "

Higher Super League after Round 2: Salford 4, Warrington 4, Castleford 4, St Helens 4, Catalans 2, London 2, Hull KR 2, Wigan 0, Hull FC 0, Wakefield 0, Huddersfield 0, Leeds 0.

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