Ruiseach's oil company, Rosneft, traveling to Venezuela, says Maduro is a " going on freely


11-26-18.- The president of Russian oil company Rosneft, Igor Sechin, traveled to Caracas this week to meet President Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela and complain about delays in Oil vessels designed to pay loans, they said. On Saturday, two beginnings with knowledge of conversation.

The trip, which has not been publicly reported, is one of the most clear signs of tension between Venezuela and Russia, one of its key beliefs.

In recent years, Moscow has become the last last lender in Venezuela. The Russian and Rosneft government has given at least 17 billion dollars in loans and credit lines to Caracas since 2006, according to Reuters accounts.

PDVSA's state oil company pays almost all of those debt with oil, but there is a crisis in the & # 39; her abandoned oil industry in trouble to fulfill her duties.

Choinnich Sechin and a large representative body of PDVSA officers at a Caracas hotel this week. The president of Rosneft also met with Maduro and supported him for the delay in oil vessels as an alternative to loans.

"He gave information that shows that they were carrying out their duties to China, but not for them," said an inventory of the talks.

"They run in PDVSA because of this," they put the source, which asked anonymously because it was not allowed to talk to the media.

Venezuela's oil work has dropped just 1.17 million barrels per day, down 37 per cent in the past year, according to reports from secondary sources to OPEC.

This disaster has complex PDVSA campaigns to send 380,000 pd to Russian agencies, as agreed, according to documents from the Venezuelan oil company that had the opportunity of Reuters.

A doc is the largest exporter of oil in Venezuela, with which it is; Most of the boats going to Rosneft, delayed millions of soft barrels from August.

Sechin gave graphics to Maduro about bringing back oil to Russian businesses compared to China, and the two sources said.

China, who has earned more than 50,000 million dollars in Venezuela, also receives pays in oil.

According to the Reuters calculations based on PDVSA data, Caracas based company had approximately 463,500 pd to Chinese companies between January and August, a compliance rate of around 60 per cent. That compares to around 176,680 bpd to Russian groups, or a 40 per cent compliance level.

Rosneft and PDVSA have not responded promptly to a request for comment.

One of the sources with a knowledge of the Sechin tour said that this week was also a Chinese delegation group in Caracas.

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