Rumor Roundup (November 28, 2018): Braun Strowman's Breakdown, TLC changes, Raw fan, more!


It's about describing the facts about athletics. Many fans like, and perhaps the second thing just to watch the games. In this daily column, we are Look at the latest feelings that will be put to the mill that conflicts against each other.

Important memories: Rooms are just like that – facts. None of this is reinforced as an authenticity or a valid fact, it simply spreads about the proxy search mill. We will monitor rumor accuracy in a weekly feature called Rumor Look Back, you'll find here. Remember, take it with salt salt.

Rumors for the Day:

  • Per WrestleVotes, it is unlikely that Braun Strowman will not be ready for TLC After all.
  • WWE could play a six-person TLC game if Strowman could not do, which would help to make a mistake. explains Baron Corbin's collaboration with Bobby Lashley & Drew McIntyre Raw this week.
  • PW Insider says that Mrs. Sasha Banks and Bayley have asked her; question Raw indeed a plant.

  • Tweetara Kairi Sane seems to be suffering from leg diseases.
  • The Observer says Wrestling's Impact has spoken to Syfy, TruTV, and an American WGN about a 2019 contract.

If you've heard about any interesting stories you'd like to add, please welcome them here in the comments section below. Just remember that they are truthful and that they are not really authenticated, so take them like that. Have fun for it. And look at the Look Back Back & # 39; weekly here to keep track of how often authentic facts are!

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