Rumor: the Nintendo Switch line 2019 sank


Many sounds appear after & # 39; dry news stories.

The suspect time for Nintendo connections is likely to be over. Le Nintendo Direct may come a lot experts with their information outdoors. Emily Rogers is one of these experts and there's something to say about the Upcoming switches for 2019.

According to Rogers, the fourth Nintendo Lab device will appear in the spring, most likely in April. The name and gimmick of this device would be very spectacular for fans. In addition, Bayonetta 3 would not be in development, but also another unnamed title.

Rogers was very sure about the previous names. Now there are a number of men who follow them. Most likely think, but they still have some uncertainty. Another big nintendo games by Nintendo, three extra eShop games and one Wii portal from the 2013 title. In addition there are three other titles that Rogers are not as sure about. These are a new game from Retro Studios, Metroid Prime Trilogy and the second Wii port.

Most of these titles should be published this year. The remainder will be moved to 2020. Rogers believes that the smaller eShop titles from Nintendo have subsequently received a DLC, as did Snipperclips. Nintendo may still have old titles – such as Yoshi's Woolly World and Kirby's Epic Yarn – to 3DS, but if it does not happen, according to Rogers, it's last year ; for the device.

Although this is true, it is still visible from the official publication of Nintendo. Rogers has been a trusted source several times in the past, but is often sitting by side.

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