Run and & # 39; strength training to try to find out what body is the best that is; maintained


Aexercise, running, swimmering and cycling can go back to biological age, but strength training does not have much impact, it's a great deal of research.

Scientists will keep track of how fast the body is doing. Older growth by analyzing the end-of-the-chromosomes – called "telomeres" – which is a " maintain full DNA and repair systems work well.

As older people, telomeres eventually get shorter causes death and cell disease. But a new study with the Leipzig University in Germany found that telomeres had risen by 3.5 per cent after six months of regular aerobic exercise. Compared to this, people did not train their weight; continues to grow.

The sciences believe the intensive tolerance of the training is; Look at long behavior to travel and to; fight or travel our ancestors.

Those involved in 45 minutes of aerobic exercise three times a week were also three times more telomerase, a long-awaited telomeres, compared to those who participate in attendance training.

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