Runa Laila gave a voice to the original song


The renowned musician Runa Laila of the subsidiary Eventually, he gave a voice to the basic song. Recently, the title is not recorded & Kabir Bakul & # 39; have been able to return and love this & # 39 ;. Runa Laila is the first person in life to sing in colorful music.
On 14 February, Knakut's voice gave the voice to the Niketan in his name; capital city. The song was directed by Raja Kashif, London Music Director.
In terms of the song, she said, "I believe that my new song will create another kind of love among the listeners." Kabir Bakul wrote a good song And Raja Kashif's acre also played a lot of work. Great thanks to the king for so much music.
Dhruv Music Station, the music video of the song will be published shortly.

It is worth noting that the prestigious singer of this country is renowned for film, pop and new music in Bangladeshi. But as a charming artist outside Bangladesh, he is famous in other countries in South Asia. Before independence, he started acting as a film singer. As well as Bangladesh, he gave a voice to many songs in Indian and Pakistani films. Runa Laila has more than 10,000 songs in 18 languages, including Bangla, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Sindhi, Gujarati, Balochi, Pashto, Persian, Arabic, Malay, Nepali, Japanese, Spanish, French, Latin and English.
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