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The news was announced by the leader of the Russian spatial group Dmitry Rogozin: one of the Moon Moon's resolution actions after 2030 is to confirm whether the Americans were on their mission. moon in 1969: "We've set something up – to go on to find out if they were there or not, they say they were, we will check."

The Rogozin response responded to a question asked by a journalist that Roscosmos's headteacher had a " sing. But in Russia there are doubts about NASA's Apollo-11 tourism. The Soviet Union left the Moon survey program in the early 1970s after breaking four experimental firearms.

Now Russia is trying to send cosmetics to her; Moonlight after 2030 to stay there for two weeks. According to Rogozin, no country can make a program of aircraft for the moon, and indicated that Russia hopes to cooperate with the US, Europe and China. Last year, Russia agreed to work with NASA on the Orbital project around the Earth's natural satellite called "Deep Space Gateway".

Why are there any doubts?

In mid-1969, half-billion people on Earth were watching on television as the Neal Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin strikers had stepped on the " moon long while staying in the room Michael Collins in the & # 39; chapsal. Almost no one expresses that there are black and white beliefs, and including the Soviet Union.

In the 1970s, however, American American Bill Caching published his book, "We Never Been on the Moon: US $ 30 Billion Scam." Even today, it is the main argument of everyone who is, It was believed that the 1969 moon appeared to be very big in a television studio. The staging was made by director Stanley Kubrick, whose film "2001 – Odyssey in the Cosmos" was released in 1968. The soldier was the American president Richard Nixon then and The photographs were taken at the Norton Air Force Base in San Bernardino.

The Russian sphere group aims to send its mission to the moon

The Russian sphere group aims to send its mission to the moon

Initially, the Kaysing book was the result of the majority of attraction and attraction, but in the 1970s many of the Americans began not to; assuming that the government said – especially after the Watergate case. In addition to that, the work, Kaysing also poses questions that ' Looking very meaningful: Why are the white pictures as good as they would do with professional photographers? Why do stars do not spot anywhere in the air? And why is the US flag, which lies on the surface of its Moon, and # 39; sinking, though there is no atmosphere?

Kaysing definition

The author of the job offers its definitions for everything. On the argument that hundreds of thousands of Americans are seen by their eyes and that Apollo 11 has launched, it tells how the course was changed and it has landed in Antarctica. There, the warriors stayed for a few days, then they sent them a military plane to the Pacific Ocean, where they carried their bearers.

The birds themselves responded specifically to allegations that they were actors in a great deal. One of the programs that has been waiting for the length of Edwin's response time at "Buzz" Aldrin to the spokesman of the reporter Bart Siblel, ask the sailor to swear the Bible that he was on the moon and said "" and "liar". Aldrin hit, then 73, a 35-year-old journalist with a fist.

Bill Kaysing died in April 2005 at the age of 82. But to his last moment he kept on his death. Believe in his thoughts about getting out of America on the moon.

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