Russia to confirm & # 39; Come to NASA moon, says Roscosmos leader


His tongue might be a hair at the head of a Russian national space party when he expressed his intention to moon & # 39; to confirm & # 39; whether the NASA Apollo campaigns were on land there or not. Maybe it is.

What has been done is to indicate the divide that is; increasing confidence in the East and West as a propaganda and information wars will go to new levels and into almost every topic across social media.

Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Roscosmos, wrote a connection theory; despite being killed: NASA had joined forces with Hollywood (some say in particular 2001: Spatial Odyssey director of Stanley Kubrick) to stop attacking his moon as a consequence of propaganda to protest. The Cold War.

Despite mountains of hard evidence on her & # 39; In contrast, simple steps have long helped to keep the theory that is easily protected.

Rogozin was filmed in a meeting with Kgor Dodon, president of Moldova.

It has been queried; asked: was NASA taking land on her & # 39; moon in 1969?

Rogozin replied: "We have had this aim to fly and prove whether they have existed or not."

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His body has a & # 39; Expressed in context: that's a bit, at a & # 39; least. But this is not likely to be transmitted to do & # 39; enforce people who search for any warranty to add to their & # 39; their case.

There is no debate about plans with Russia, despite the economics that are going on; fight and in relation to international sanctions to attack Crimea, to send his first Cosmonaut to her; moon early in the 2030s. The plan is to provide enough supplies and resources for the two-week trip.

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Rogozin says he wants to cooperate with China, Europe – and the USA – in the application. In 2017, Russia agreed to agree to cooperate with the US in the construction of a room in the Lunar orbit, which has a Deep Space Gateway.


NASA was successful in sending & # 39; First person on his moon, Neil Armstrong, in July 1969. The world was a Looking out of the world as the Apollo 11 mission launched from Cape Canaveral,

And this is not the first time Russia repeatedly NASA's Moon performances.

As soon as 2015, the spokesman of the Russian Research Committee Vladimir Markin calls for international proof of film loss; high resolution, color pages from the trips in 1969. He also questioned that rock samples were back from the surface of their moon.

"We do not know that they did not [to the Moon], and just made a film about it, "Markin wrote." But all that science – or perhaps culturally – part is part of a humanitarian legacy, and our loss is to & # 39; leave without track. Investigate what happened. "

But Russia has a reason to try to disallow NASA's performances: He only hit the surface of his & Moon, his occupation was preserved in the mid 1970s after breaking four rockets.

However, NASA did not have its own failure. Over 200,000 recordings have been overwritten in an effort to cut costs. Subsequently, the role of film renewal was asked to ask for images that saved the broadcast and production of broadcast television.

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