Russia to confirm & # 39; Submit US moon on the future – National


MOSCOW – Russia's Russian Roscosmos spatial group has stated that Russia's proposed moon resolution will be involved in a & # 39; Confirming that stones that were an American moon were true.

The Russian office wants to investigate the moon in the US

"We have made this goal to travel and confirm whether they have existed or not," said Dmitry Rogozin in a video that was posted on Saturday on Twitter.

Rogozin responded to a question that NASA did not have a & # 39; affecting its moon or almost 50 years ago. He appeared to be sorry, when he hit him and knocked him when he was in a position; answer. But the results of NASA's moon missions are common in Russia.

WATCH: NASA wants Canada A.I. robots on a re-moon mission


The Soviet Union left its lunch program in the mid 1970s after breaking four test rocket rockets.

In 2015, an old spokeswoman for the Russian Research Committee asked NASA's moon paths.

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