7 main facts about the new Passat Volkswagen (picture)

The Passat 8 generation has been released since 2015 and is a great success in Europe. In Russia, the model introduced as badly over the last year, sold almost 2.5 thousand cars, about one fifth with a station carriage (in large -traid Alltrack). But at least, the car will renew us next year (probably even at the beginning) and, most likely, in the three corporate modifications. We visited the exhibition in Hamburg and we explored the car updated in statics – read the text and watch the video at the end.

Outside and inside is almost unchanged

Even in the official Volkswagen documents, the new Passat has not been named without re-registration, but a major update has been made. However, there are a number of different differences – these are traditionally bumpers, grille, names and optics. The easiest way to restayl is to note that the Passat leaflet is larger and is in the middle of print, length & # 39; When the backdrop works have been found in the high statue performance in the Tuareg style, where it seems that fascinating animation seems to be in place; change the section's fracture to burn from the envelope to its & # 39; broke.

At the front, the ops (including foglights) diode (light can be maitrit), but it is still very difficult to recognize their model re-organized. In addition, this model does not have time to find out about our roads, so you can not count to identify a new "Resta". And, indeed, a new wheel design and body colors were added – one of them is doing well with her; This body looks at the Alltrack bottle green (this is the official name) of the color in the video at the end of the materials.

Older passes
New Passat

In the cottage, the application clock was out of sight, but the number of high density colors increased to 30. All USB ports are now in the new Type C format, and as Without a movie without adapter music can not be installed.

They are almost independent at a distance of up to 210 km / h

Along with the Passat update, Volkswagen represents a variety of IQ.DRIVE technologies for driver support. Including a new semi-autopilot system that will; car driving at a distance of up to 210 km / s Passat got the first time. "Volkswagen" and earlier the line and the distance could be held, but it did so when they were driving faster than 60 km / h. Now there is a suitable seafront (which corresponds to navigation data, live signs, road configurations and cars that pass when choosing a distance) along with a guard system in the line to & # 39; bringing the second level of self-behavior on a general scale from 0 to 5.

This means that the driver needs to monitor the situation from time to time, and for this to be inspected; car to handle & # 39; wheel. However, thanks to the new field with a possible technology (such as the scanner of smartphone phones), now it's just enough to connect to the & # 39; wheel drive, and without making course cursor, as it was before. An advanced package of security systems for the driver will help to park, drive around a barrier suddenly, quickly and slowly. avoiding problems, warnings and other incentives, and another place to carry out the duties of doing; driving the person.

Old road different
A new Passat different online

Passat is the leader of Europe in the class among generalists and who lives in the second line of the sedans list (first Mercedes-Benz Tseshka)

Touareg Matrix Light

Moving after the flag SUV found as an option of LED full-tech option. For them, they also included a name in the general style with a disinfectant prefix – IQ.LIGHT. Each head lamp consisting of 44 LEDs is divided into two modules, 32 + 12. The light drive is automatically created with its matching according to what the camera is car to see – light robots can sturge the place where they are moving and cars that are in a position; come in, as well as setting the location of traffic (at home, on the road) and automatically moving the light.

According to the information on the "Tuareg", which we declare, including the dark paths near Moscou, let's let those lights work incredibly, and, Everything floods with a clear light, but not to break a person. The two rear and rear enclosures of the recycled Passat are now equipped with advanced track signals, except only in the most expensive version of fog and flashlights.

In the spring, the Passat comes 30 million years from the coaching line (for comparison, Golf has dropped 35 million for each time)

Solution as Arton

The "Passat" screen was fitted with suitable optical devices, but the number of arrangements was limited to three settings: comfort, custom and sport. Now this system has become more flexible, and the range of changes has expanded. So, for example, an Arteon modal, the Passat allows you to change the mobile fence with a slide with a multidisciplinary number between basic preets, and add it to the system. And the most fun and comfortable settings are now clearer than the dorestayling car – that is, the largest box and density that may depend on increasing.

The ducts will run on electricity for more than 50 kilometers.

The multi-fold power unit GET Passat, which engines 156-horsepower 1.4 and 115-horsepower electric motors, but got a battery update. Now, 13 kW вместо is the capacity of 9.9, and it is possible to drive 55 km / h (WLTP cycle) instead of being simpler 50 (NEDC visit) earlier. And if you're measuring a thousand miles of electricity the "Passat" is different from that old bicycle, you get all 70 kilometers in general.

But they are not going to be included, so let's talk about more devices. Two of the three bottle units designed to deliver our country are now new: the 190-hp 2.0 will replace 180-hp 1.8, and the 150-hp diesel of 2-liot is now totally unavailable. But the 150-year-old engine, we will live old, with a measure of 1.4, although this power is already an 1.5 row of Evo. For generalists in our country and maybe it's the engine line itself; but still information about it.

Recently, the Volkswagen brand branded our online sales service in our country that allows you to select and pay for any of the car traders that are connected to the system without commissions. When you are visiting the seller, the buyer does not; identifying his coin and his / her; pull a car.

Presentations are now capable of more

Quickly pulled (the digital cockpit, as the Volkswagen is called) in the "Passat" previously. But on "Restayl", the second generation e – with the best image status and three new basic information product schemes being restored, see the video at the end of the text for information. Redesigned and renewable system – now it is very similar to the "multimedia" Touareg chic SUV. This is related to interfacing and addressing design, as well as updated work: thanks to the communication module Integrated Passat, you can go to; internet radio usage, streaming services, as well as various online information activities and Volkswagen We services. What else?

Volkswagen We – interesting, but not for Russia

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to ensure that all activities at the Volkswagen Webs digital platform are most closely. It means to & # 39; access to car access and car information with one account. So, all settings can be moved from a personal car to rent or workplace, just by logging in with your "account". Our corporate parks can be used to monitor the maintenance of fuel costs and the location of all the vehicles involved.

Another "ecosystem" application We are able to get into the room and even start the engine by using a digital phone on a smartphone (which, like in BMW). An owner can generate a car at home and send it to any user so that he can drive without a physical movement of the key. Not to mention the simplest actions as remote to address the doors or stock (for the messenger) or to; Investigate the level of fuel or temperature in the cottage. Another proposal is an automatic parking payment, and a number of European cities already have a consistent technology platform implementation.

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