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A sick woman fell with a scary and her paralyzed: People: From his life:

A sick woman fell with a scary and finished in a hospital with a paralyzed body. Her story was to share the Sun.

Delilah Corkery was admitted to hospital in February 2018 due to illness. Doctors checked a 47-year-old woman and came to her decision that she had a bronch-penny. She continued on the doctor's recommendations and, as she thought, he started recovering.

A month after that, Corkery joined her friends to a café and noted that her food was fine. think she was too soft. "I was hot. But when I came home that night, I put my hands under warm water, and it seemed like the ice of ice," and remembered the patient. "I turned on the hot water and seemed to have to burn my skin." At the same time, when I heard metal things, my hands were burned, as if they were from fire. "

The next day she was so fragile she was, and after that the illness was spread rapidly through her arms and legs. A woman was frightened to the nearest hospital. In five minutes of the test, he ordered her drug doctors and sent her home.

The next morning, Corkery found out that she could not walk because of her; and there was great pain. She went to the doctors again, but this time she chose another medical center. As a result of x-rays, MRIs, and blood tests, doctors found that a woman's Guillain-Barre (GBS) limit – a disease in which the body's response to a virus or a bone disease can harm on the strange system.

When the doctors began to deal with the patient, her body was completely paralyzed – muscles, legs, faces, eyes and diseases were not infected; to end. She could not even & # 39; s blink: when he was sleeping, his eyes were waulked with messages. "Two weeks before I went to hospital, I had a bronze penny, and they [врачи] they say that respiratory disease could be UHD, "she says.

Her specially liked women took her to help her; dealing with panic attacks. Three weeks later, she moved to a hospital revival center, where she spent a month ago. Every day she worked with a physiotherapist and a speech remedy. In April 2018, Corkery was circulated.

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