AirPower never worked. This is the evidence

AirPower's station, which wants not to clean-up, finally released Apple at the end of the week, ever working. So the prototype, which the company had shown to guests in September 2017, is likely to be simply unbearable for exhibition purposes for a few minutes. This is explained by the details of AirPower, which some of our people had put in mind for some reason.

The following pictures have been taken by journalists from serving IT publications on the iPhone X exhibition in September 2017. Then in Cupertino they indirectly admitted that their work on AirPower had not been completed. promised, that they would still be sent out to sell in the coming months. However, this did not prevent the company from displaying the propyype in the demo domain, allowing everyone to assess the viewpoint and their theoretical capabilities.

Why AirPower didn't come out

It is very strange that almost one person noticed the fact that all the tools Apple installed on AirPower were without charge. This could be seen from the battery battery on the iPhone desktop.

The first two photographs show that the image on the mobile phone is still bright, indicating that no electricity is currently provided. In cases where the iPhone is (or has already been) built, the image draws green – similar in the last picture.

Apple didn't want the last one to leave, according to rumors, restoring the AirPower and so on. It is rumored that the company carried out an inspection of built-in furnaces which helped to cool the station's output and subsequently decided to reduce the number of boilers in the design, allowing AirPower to license a number of replacements. at the same time, it is only three, but two machines. This is shown in AirPower's promo photos that Apple has carefully hired on its website.

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