An American General considered their time; deal with Russian fires to the United States

MOSCOW, February 28 – RIA NewsNorth America North America's defense defense commander, General Terrence O Shaughnessy, said Russia ruled out non-nuclear pages. It could be deeply hitting targets in the United States. This was reported by the Washington Times.

According to general calculations, the Russian Russian hypersonic missile flying time is about 15 minutes. However, the speed features needed to be in place; seeking the protection of dancers in the US.

While he was & # 39; Speaking in the Assembly, he also added the most dangerous Russian forms of armed forces to the United States. In particular, he talked about the Russian bumps Tu-160 and Tu-95, as well as the Russian long-term tools.

He also noted that Russia's seafood in the Severodvinsk class "is much more quieter and more deadly" than a generation of Russian ships.

The general also praised the Caliber audio systems. Accordingly, they are "very certain for landline targets" and threatening the northern American border.

At the same time, he said, the United States's most difficult threat at this time is represented by Russian non-nuclear nuclear bubbles and war bubbles.

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