Anastasia Volochkova revealed the mystery of her personal life in a new book :: Business exhibition ::

Anastasia Volochkova revealed the mystery of her personal life in the new place
the book. The ballerina will bring the first copy of the publication to her beloved, who he is called
keeps it confidential.

In the new photograph of Anastasia Volochkova it is not unusual
rocks and rocks. He publishes a new book.
writer ballerina. Thinking with the name of the literary work, the old prima
The Bolshoi Theater is intended to tell readers how he paid for his spending

The first copy of the book "Pay for success" Anastasia
Volochkova gives him his sweetheart. As the ballerina, her favorite one
the man was with her for about half the year when she was working on the epochhal
he helped her in those times when he was unpleasant
the writer's eyes were full of souvenirs.

For the photographer, the prospective photographer
First Anastasia Volochkova was an unusual image for the ballerina. However, however
now the old prima acknowledges that he was able to tell about the creator's understanding and illness.

Anastasia Volochkova still has a new attraction
that she did not see him escaping from envy
eye. However, on Instagram, you will write a ballerina about the forthcoming wedding. Volochkova with
he writes very quickly that an 13 year old girl is acting as Ariadne, breaking the friend's image.
The jealous daughter of Volochkov has been chosen for the new man.

The first book of Anastasia Volochkova was published in 2011. t
It was released under the title of "History of the Russian Ballerina". In the extract
details of the creative journey and the way of life Volochkova. Need it
note that the public was accepting the book positively. And now hoping
up-to-date information, just writing "Around TV".

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