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The "Russian Open" move, set up by Mikhail Khodorkovsky, announced his test, according to MBH-media. The mobile news service confirmed this information to Vedomosti.

As explained by a chairman "Open Russia" Andrei Pivovarov, the decision was to move out to defend campaigners from a criminal charge. “This does not mean that we understand the claims made by the prosecution and the Ministry of Justice's office. But if the onus is on the operators to remove the legal form, we make it, ”said Pivovarov. He added that the conference summary, where the decision was made on the compensation, would be sent out to the Ministry for Justice shortly.

Meanwhile, the Russian Open campaigners had now registered on the Ministry of Justice documents about the registration of the new organization. "Uhthen a parallel process which followed us. Now we are holding elections in a new group – the one that was submitted to the Ministry of Justice, ”said Vedomosti. T Widows.

The "Russia Open" movement was created in November 2016 at the Hels conferencethe Inca. In April 2017, the Chief Executive's Office in Russia identified three non-profit foreign organizations from being undesirable: t NO (Otkrytaya Rossia) (Open Russia, UK), New Russia Institute, Inc.. (New Russia Institute, the USA) and the Russian Open Civil Movement, Russia Open (Public Open Open, UK)

Alexander Solovyov, then chairman of Open Russia, said these groups had nothing to do with it there is no movement of the "Open Russia" network.

In January this year a criminal case was opened against Anastasia Shevchenko, a member of the Federal Council of Open Russia. organizations which are recognized as non-desirable in Russia (284.1 of the Criminal Code). The campaigner did not argue guilty, since January 23 she has been involved in housing custody. According to the leader of the human rights organization Agora, Pavel Chikov, this is the first arts case of an arts. 284.1 of the Criminal Code.

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