Armor: Science and technology:

The American organizer of Foxtrot Alpha has published an article about a new Russian seal that is covered by Vepr's automatic carbine, in which he called the drone “night-time”.

According to the data in the article, the anonymous drum was punched by the anxiety Almaz-Antey, who is developing and making weapons for air protection and armor defense. The flight time is around 40 minutes, and the districts can be removed and isolated.

At the YouTube video of a dry airplane, it is pointed out that it is designed to go against bones. But the article's article, Kyle Mizokami, emphasizes the way in which the technology can also be used to combat against people.

“War is, as it is, right. Now add this ban to thousands of gun the robots, ”he finishes.

In March, a representative from the Ministry of Immigration Affairs, David Gromov, spoke about how to bring civil liberties down into the use of eagles. In addition to this way, experts can drop down drones with the help of a special network, another UAV, and also ascertain the radio signal from the operator.

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