Azmun came to the place of "Zenith"

On Friday at the end of the night, the stripper Serdar Azmun came to a Zenit gathering in Spain.

In the hotel's lobby it was met by the leader coach Sergei Semak.

"Hello, caran, gá sásta," Azmun Semak welcomed him, shattered his hand and put an arm on his shoulder.

After that, the author Zenit and the coach spoke for a few minutes.

– Today is too late, rest! And tomorrow we'll start working, "Semak turned to Azmun at the end of his conversation.

After that, Azmun got the "Zenith" type, was built in the album and recorded it; The first short appeal for blue-white-blue fans.

On Saturday, he'll continue to First training in the new team.

Serdar Azmun came to a place "Zenith"

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