Blogger: AutoMedia: VladTime's Complaint About Strange Displays & Lans Vesta on PC

"Westavod" is calculated by the numbers that show their cars when it moves to the main road, but drivers have moved to the station. remember the "co-worker".

There was a car owner on the YouTube LADA VESTA 33 channel, which featured a video in which he made a complaint about his / her strange achievements; computer on board his hat. The blogger asked himself: "Why does not he have a car to spend like everyone else?".

Often in the thematic forums, you can hear those figures at 9 letters per "hundred". The car of the reporter on the railway shows up to 6.9 liters. Let us clarify that the blogger named his figures after a 3-hour trip of 222 km long, and 15.3 liters of gasoline were spent.

There were four drivers in the car. The average speed was 71 km / h. The blogger also noted that the car was filled by AI-95 gasoline from LUKOIL.

Spectators of their blogger commented in the video to the video that cited fairly normal numbers for their journey. Some LADA Vesta drivers with 1.6 engineers will even use even less in & # 39; subdivision move. Some users have said that in general they do not have to judge the consumption of their cars when they do; driving on the road. Indeed, the town "Vesta" sometimes uses 12 liters per 100 km, or even larger.

Ivan Golovin


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