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Borussia Dortmund is ahead of the European League

A week ago, Dortmund Borussia was in complete order. A first place in the Bundesliga, a team of confident leaders, a good environment, created Lucien FavreThe People's Office is clear. Football quality, which has grown steadily during the autumn, is part of the season. Game communication, which produces the product and removes the heart of the fans.

For this week, Dortmund had to spend three matches in three different competitions: with Werder Bremen in the German Cup, with Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga, with Tottenham in The European League. There is a bad record, but it is not dead to those who are familiar with a European competition.

The problems started. Icon for Evergreen Claudio Pizarro "Werder" helped find out to punish punishment, where the third custodian of "Borussia" did not go out, and the field was responded satisfactorily. The worst thing was & # 39; The fact that Dortmund was 120 minutes worried about the main thing, except the visitor, the representation. Worst, but bad Marco RoyceThe former Schwarzgelbe captain, who plays a very definitive season, hitting off those who played Tottenham.

The game with "Hoffenheim" was not easier. 0: 3 was one of Germany's leading teams at Germany in the middle of half, but it was "Borussia" ends to the border, and does not allow black yellow teenagers to scatter quietly. The impact on "Hoff" was lost (correctly), but even worse. It was the thing that the team lost behind Lukasz Pischekwhich is also revived under Favre.

So before the most important game in London, this Borussia warranty was: not to allow the captain and the most important player to build invasive actions, except a strong and mental defensive side of protection, a different variation in protection (Ashraf Hakimi to go to; attacking the right) and removing the worst physical and psychological loss of the last three times that were unsuccessful; playing football. Previously the problems of their airports are made worse: Sancho and Diallo forget your passport Toprak missed a ticket.

So for a week, the general situation of "Borussia" from God turned into shoes.

After a good half hour in London, Dortmund got an accident after a break. What was just bad? Reuss did not play Favre without the "ten" – he went to the middle of the fields Mahmoud DaoudSouth-East Daoud's very good quality of the game is a balloon – it makes very good results and makes it a mistake. see the range from the depths. But at the same time: a) it is lost under pressure, so it is not impossible to use "ten"; b) without his / her ball, he is often cut off from his / her; game, and call dialogue with the defenders and his / her; help the enemy in freezing zones. At the end, "Tottenham Hotspot" is at the end of its # 39; first half describes this: Eriksen they started to move most often on the left, where Daoud should be protected. Yes, but not protected.

As a result, Borussia was only losing the Royce invasion capacity (this was inevitable), but also had problems with the balance of his game.

What else was bad? Hakimi was the worst time ever in Dortmund. There were three missions in five minutes of the second half, part of a problem with two left-winged members and a calm match with a final final loss after the score 0: 1. Approach a young challenge figure Jan Vertongu make the first star of the game.

The worst thing was that there were two serious problems connected. Because Jason Sancho is a & # 39; playing on the Hakimi side, the right center at the center of the defense should be helped, and just Daud. The circle is closed. Tottenham Hotspot to hit the & # 39; point.

Now try to put yourself instead Lucien Favre. You lose two main things to build your & # 39; game and mental sustainability of football players. You need to re-write the scheme, which has been working for a previous season. You'll be lost. But can you blame you?

The main claims from fans to Favre after the London game are created as follows: a) he made sub-representations too late; b) He did not attempt to rebuild the game, although it was clear that the enemy had changed to the weakness of Borussia; c) he has pushed the main team for his cup game.

As soon as you go to & # 39; Applying these applications above and everyone at the same time, their subject will be obvious. He is foolish to remember replacing the coach, who made effective changes when they fell in every game. It is also impossible to alter the Favre game by Favre either – he stressed many times he always has; Believe in his "A" plan: "Any coach must show confidence in the chosen option". Yes, in a special case he did not produce, but on the other hand, Favre would not be the top coach and he did not; He got a job in Dortmund if he did not have his own principles. The same thing is going to play a game; Sucupa: it's not a lot to divide its & # 39; Competition to important and small ones.

The Borussia week reflects the complexity, difficulty and sometimes even the inconvenient awareness of the coach's role in football. Principles and desires will be needed to achieve results in the long term, but in the short situations you can kill. What would it be like that two mental team leaders would be out at a time? What would the visitor in the home timetable make a mistake and give a large amount of money to their lottery? What would appear to have a 34:12 visitor difference in home games and only two missing points would be lost; Losing benefit from 3-0 to 25 minutes before end?

Not all of these events were similar, even when Royce and Piszczek were altered, as well as the name of the third dogmaker Dortmund, who had never heard anything before. But with Borussia everything happened. For a week

Go to Favre's place. Nowadays, in the second half of London, you can see how the game falls and you have only one option: either to follow your principles, or a module; change game, to leave the plan "A." Favre decided that the loyalty of a soldier to the principles would be more honorable. And lost.

Just a week from the victorious season of the season to fail. Non-religious football is even for those who believe in ideals.

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