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Cold or allergy: as they need the difference and treatment?

Different differences and allergies

Start with, that these two phenomena responds to the body to a foreign object, whether it is a virus or an allergy. You should ask yourself a few questions:

1. How did it start?

ARVI starts quietly, within a few days. Allergies usually start quickly., it was rare for you to talk to his cancer.

2. Is it tight?

Slipped nose, eyes – necks – a normal mark of the arranger, but for the common cold, it's not normal.

3. Do the bones have any fever or pain?

If so – this is not like a switch.

4. How long will it take?

ARVI is ill for a week and a half. If there is longer than an allergy.

What will you do with it?

When he comes to a altar, 'Starting with, takes the heifer to hell. Open windows, if it is a dust, brochs – if there are pollen, buy a good clean cleaner and clean wet gowns.

Go to the doctor and buy an antihistamines., to establish it.

If you are free, it now sells many different treatments for all the symptoms, in a difficult case you should telephone a doctor.

If you are not yet sure, what is this disease, contact the experts and pass the exams. Then you can get back faster!

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