Death of the "kings' gas". As a former KAMAZ driver, he introduced his son into the Coronation power Money

"Golden Boy"

In the Fellowship Council came personally Senior representative of the country Yuri Chaika and president of the Alexander Bastrykin Audit CommitteeThe West In arms from the meeting was 32 years old Seanadair of Karachay-Cherkessia Rauf Arashukov.

This biography of this character from the star is amazing. Two months before most of them went; old, he became an applicant on Duma City Stavropol. Instead of joining the army, he was registered as vice president in a gas company. At the same time, he graduated from secondary school, and with red diploma, but there is no such student. At 21, he became a republican minister. At 30 he is already a member of the Federal Council – one of the highest authorities of the Russian Federation, making the most important decisions for the country: should they go- into the war, whether they should make pension reform, etc.

Political science Alexey Chadayev remembering that he had taken Rauf about 15 years ago, when stories came around Stavropol about a particular boy; driving around his home to Bentley and, approaching your bus stops, and & # 39; throwing a thousand bills: "Uh, connect my shoes!" With 20 years from Arashukov Jr, a limited group of leeks appeared in the Stavropol area, named after the hero of the event. A bottle was decorated with a & # 39; puppets and prayers each year.

They say that the "golden boy" methods come from childhood. Father's case Raul No one was still there when his eldest son died unlucky. In this youth he spent everything. Especially when Dad became senior manager of a gas company.

Raul Arashukov.
Raul Arashukov. Photograph: Group of urban news "Moscow" / Zykov Kirill

During investigations in the case of Arashukovs, fifty percent of jewelry, gold bars, big money, and various armies were found. Your car park, private jets, large houses. That is just the Aarashukovyh "Adiyuh Palace" dwelling, built at the bottom of the hill, where there is an old tower. As the state pensioner was in the hands of Arashukovs, it is still visible.

Another building built in 1904 – in Yessentuki. He is aware that the previous owner had died after he had put his name on the house sales suddenly.

In this case, the grandfather's official income is in the confirmation last year – 4.9 million rubles. and just 96,000 – his wife.

There are many things in this family: a corrugated packing factory, cleaning companies, campaigns to eliminate natural stone and chalk, farms, railway groups, car dealers, etc. And also a nursery school for breeding and a selection of Caucasian seabirds and Araida house symbols, specializing in the development of luxury clothing. This is, indeed, designed for sisters, brother-in-law and trustworthy people.

During the investigation, Rauf Arashukov appeared to have a residence permit in the UAE. But he did not have time to fly there. He came ashore in Lefortovo, where he refused from the state gardens, saying he would only eat food from his will.

I wanted to make a pogrom

Arashukovyh's opposition case was started on a report basis Head of Department "K" of the Ivan Tkachev Federal Security Service's Economic Security Service. It was an active support guide of criminal food groups brothers Magomedov, a minister Alexey Ulyukaev and so on. "Rauf Arashukova is responsible for participating in a criminal community, causing murder and highlights evidence," said Producer of TFR Svetlana Petrenko. If they prove a senator offenses, it will change life.

Native Americans Aslan Zhukov, who was killed in 2010, has long been Rauf, a crime maker. Aslan led a young public body "Adyghe Khase". In 2010, Rauf Arashukov made an invitation to him to propose a pogrom in the construction of his national collection. "Hooligans" "" Alashukov himself "had to be confirmed, and thus his influence. Zhukov refused and died dead suddenly.

In 2010, they killed and Councilor for President Karachay-Cherkessia Fral ShebzukhovThe Vice-People were arrested. They said Rauf Arashukov was offering 500,000 rubles. for the murder of Shebzukhov, who was to be a prime minister of the republic. In spite of bad fortune, it was expected that Arashukov Jr would also be in this position.

These criminal cases moved from outside but after the move to Moscow in September 2018. As they say in the TFR, now the case has been "scrutiny activities emergency. " According to the researcher, there is a "real life threat" of individual witnesses, and now some are taken under the protection of the state. In addition, at least one of the members of the organized criminal group in the runoff was arrested in absentia.

Gas tour

Researchers will send out other crime boundaries of the Arashukov family. Those who were arrested include the father of Senator Raul Arashukov, who is regarded as the organizer of a organized criminal body. Until this week, he worked at Gazprom Mezhregiongaz, where he was estimated to have a value of 31 billion, according to auditors. In case, there are investigations in the 11 Russian cities of 40 sites.

It is known that Arashukov Sr. an active man has been famous for a long time. Back in the 80's, he was convicted twice – for theft of wheat and sunflower at state farm, where he was a driver for KamAZ. After being released, he changed his type of activity – began to issue debt for gas from local enterprises.

When it was in 2002, Arashukov was already a big man, he started sending his friends and relatives on various jobs in the area's gas campaigns. A friend was in charge of the company in Astrakhan. Family friends N. Romanov managing company in Stavropol. Another friend – G. Khashukaev – it was the responsibility of gas supplies in Cherkessk.

Here is just one of the schemes that they use. More fuel was sent to the North Caucasus than essential. For example, for home heating, CHP has 100 cubic meters of gas, and 200 were written in the papers. And this gas seems to be left to the left through the pipe directly to another campaign. It was cleared there, but it was never confirmed by documents, "he explained Igor Yushkov, expert at the Finance University under the Russian Federation government. In addition, consumer ghosts did not pay for fuel. Improved debt on paper, which was also online. But the money – subsidies for companies for debtors – pay the real investment. And a small group of citizens were divided among each other.

How did he become a senator?

There is no doubt that Raul Arashukov's money and connections are – the reason for a post as soon as his son Rauf. But the problem arises: how could such a person be in the chairman of the grandfather?

Political science Alexey Chadayev spoke in his blog about his vision of the causes for this very strange cause. He described Arashukov for the type of grandparents who need protection and there is no way to find it in the elections to the State Dam. But he drew attention to the special places of the republic, in which everything stands on his / her; principal of national identity. "Karachai, the prime minister of Circassian, is the leader of the republic of Karachai, the Russian Parliament spokesman, Karachai is a State Duma advocate, the grandfather of the Circassian.

Consideration of its & # 39; prime minister there is a technical number (the government is directly disciplined by the chief of the republic, who directs the vice president), to the people involved in the post of the biggest maker. At the same time, not only does Circassian need, but one of the most powerful and most powerful people, thus known by the Circassians themselves. There were four names like that in KCR: Trees, Arashukovs, Kazanokovs, Hapsirokovs, "a writing of the political scientist. And it clarifies that the representatives of the three clans are already tied ( who – in camera, who in power). So, KChR Temrezov did not have specific options – as in 2016, there was a choice of one candidate. In addition, It must be understood that the abilities, resources and connections of Arashukovs exceeded himself.

According to Chadayev, today it is easier to blink the head of its head; a republic for typing a character so bad to the elders. "I'm not going to defend and fix Temrezov at least. But, in my opinion, Arashukov's case is trying to think of a slightly different set of problems. Starting from the Principle of the Fellowship of a Council of Fellowships and finishing with the architecture of Russian artificialism in the current form, "the political scientist has a" going up.

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