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Ekaterina Klimova shared a comic video in which she and Gela Meskhi's daughter composed a song about a mother

14:13, 03.24.2019

Bella has some great music over her four years.

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For several days now, Ekaterina Klimova has been taking over with her older children. The actress didn't tell her where she was, but when people from the frames realized she was part of a microblog & # 39; on Instagram, Catherine joined one of the warm nations. But among the frames where the actor has her kids standing against a backdrop of palm trees and skyscrapers, there are images from Moscow.

For example, yesterday in the Stories section, Klimova publishes several videos in which Bella sings a song from a mother's cartoon lost by Gela Meskhi. The girl tries to do all the words in the song and try to keep the proper way forward. In addition, in the main microblog section, Catriona shared two hints of her daughter very nice.

Ekaterina Klimova shared a comic video in which she and Gela Meskhi's daughter composed a song about a mother

On one of them, Bella plays the little guitar and sings as well. It should be noted that the girl, who is four years old, includes the song “Oh viburnum blossoms”. In the second video, Bella will dance by representing the group “Mojito” “Angels”, repeating all the movements mentioned in the song. “And what about Bella? Bella still breaks my heart with her videos) ", – Klimov signed the publication (the author's spelling and punctuation remains unchanged). Very nice note.) ..

“You can't stretch any genes with your finger,” Sorry, you can't send 100 characters! Bella is just a good walk! Miracle child! Get fit and healthy growing !! ”“ talented children have talented children ”,“ You'll see such videos and it's not possible to make a laugh, the day was successful)) “I'll be able to do that. 'make sure this life is a gift of talent and charm from above… nature is also a birth from birth… But how do you drink flour, so it is success – so is this about life and society … So Bravo Bella! .. And the mother of Ceit mum ", Dad seems like big! Pretty ”,“ Active artist !!! – Klimova fans looking.

Bella can play a huge range of music in her four-year cycle ( tphoto gallery: scroll to the south)

The 41-year-old Ekaterina Klimova is remembered as a happy mother of four children. His daughter was born in 2002. The first person in the singer, a jeweler, was the father of the girl. Ilya Khoroshilov. Graduates split in 2004. Mic Maths and Korneya, colleague was born in Igor Petrenko's workshop. Sadly, Catriona became unpopular in these relationships. Bella Klimova, the youngest daughter, was born in 2015 from the actor Gela Meskhi, who is eight years old.

Catriona has repeatedly stated that she is feeling as a mother, and then just an actress. According to Klimova, the mother is careless and pardon. The star announced that her relationship would change yearly with her daughters and her sons. The actor confessed that she was looking at the situation, what role she should choose: a mother-in-law's. Gela Meskhi supports his wife's situation. In an interview, the 32-year-old said that he was not embarrassed by the fact that the children of Catherine were there. True, Meskhi was afraid that they would not be acceptable. But the actor's experiences were undoubtedly. According to Gela, the children relaxed at her mother's new cousin.

Ekaterina Klimova with older children

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