Experts called smartphones with the highest level of radiation News News

Smart smartphones with the highest degree of electromagnetic radiation. About 4 February report company of Statista.

Antireyting gave an Xiaomi Mi A1 digital phone to 2017 with a uniform of 1.75 watts per kilogram. On the second line, the OnePlus 5T is 1.68 watts per kilogram. The closure of the three main "directors" Xiaomi Mi Max 3 with a 1.58 watt per kilogram indicator.

The list also included Sony, iPhone, HTC and Sony smartphones.

It is noted that the radical level that is proposed is 0.6 per cent per kilogram in which; Germany. Most of the listed appliances are higher than this number.

On 6 February, he became increasingly familiar with the FAS bill that prevents Russian sales equipment from Russian software. The relevant changes are prepared in the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications regarding the "Communications" and "Information" laws.


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