Five simple ways to improve the adult are named – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

According to Professor of Food Biotechnology at Glenn Gibson Reading University, 70% of human protection system resources depend on the work of their disease. That is, how the body deals with harmful concepts, weight, lightweight and other things, writing the Telegraph.

To bring your pups up to date, experts will advise you to follow five simple rules. The first one is to eat more fiber. It is found in vegetables, fruit, quizry. Three materials are particularly rich: carrots, broccoli and melon.

– Lack of fiber influencing the genetic microbiology is given to it; Despite healthy healthy species. Balances between good and bad bacteria can cause severe diseases, obesity and diabetes, "said Matt Perkins.

The second way to develop the sheep is associated with the use of probiotic peroxides and prebiotics. The last ones are in octons, garlic, apricot, beans and cold potatoes.

The third rule – if possible, remove from a sweet diet and fat. At least for a while, to understand the difference between the condition of the organs after having such materials and as a result of the refusal.

Another important thing is that it's out of weight. The fact is that they can change the blood flow and the secretion in the bone. As a result, fertile soil is created for chronic bacteria, and the impact on microorganisms is beneficial.

The last tip is to drink clean water throughout the day. More – in summer, less – in winter. But the morning should definitely start with a glass of water. 40 minutes before breakfast starts.

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