For five dollars, you can lock everything in the bad habit of 2 Remake. Reedus


Capcom has added a new microtransaction to Evident Evil 2, which allows you to share it all. Bread price – 360 rubles. “By solving all the in-game prizes,“ as it is called, it gives a direct opportunity to the 4th Survivor and Tofu races, and costumes, weapons and conceptual art.

According to Eurogamer, these weapons include a Samurai Edge pistol, an LE-5 machine gun, an ATM-4 rocket and a pistol, each of which comes with endless fuel. This is remarkable, as the lack of weapons is one of the most important aspects of passing evil in residents 2.

All of these items are usually available through the game, as this option is available to those who wish to accelerate progress.

Resident Evil 2, a surviving computer game, was launched in January 2019 and became a major sight. According to the latest estimates Capcom released more than 4 million copies worldwide.

“Resident Evil 2” is not only the original version, but also a very powerful game that provides confusion and grocery situations. In the first instance, this is an impressive game, as it gets in for some real cleaner experience, by really accepting what a terrible sound is, – write the factor Alessandro Fillari.

Microtransaction is available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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